Friday, 13 May 2011

Blogger balls up

Due to a Blogger platform something or other, my posts since Weds have gone. They were deleted as part of Blogger's repair work.

I'm quite gutted and I have no will or energy to rewrite or post at the moment until the issue is resolved.

It is a dreadful shame this has happened. Many of us die hard Blogger users have tweeted a lot about moving over to wordpress.

The joys of technology and blogging hey!


  1. Me too - and seriously considering Wordpress. Sadly it's not the first time Blogger has caused problems, though this has been the worst. I just don't want to lose all my lovely Blogger friends.

  2. They have now reinstated my posts - fingers crossed yours will be too. They have wipe all the comments off my last 2 post though which is more upsetting to me as people took the time to write them. I for one am moving to WP it is just a lot to consider so wont be a quick thing. The final straw for me was learning that google can delete your blogger blog in its entirety without giving you notice! Here is a great post I have been reading through on moving to WP:

  3. Really weird, my post from Firday and comments made that day vanished and never returned - Vic's post from the same day vanished but has re-appeared. Seems a bit random. Does make you think though how vulnerable blogs and there info are.

    I know quite a few people last year on Wordpress who had their blogs hacked and Wordpress doesn't get the optimisation through Google that you get on Blogger (because Google own Blogger) - they're the only reasons I've not switched over.

  4. Some people have been tweeting that it's not that big a deal that people couldn't blog for one day, and that everyone should remember it's a free service. I think it's a very naive approach to take - it's been so upsetting for everyone to realise how little control they have over their own blog. One of the main fears from switching over seems to be that you will lose your Blogger followers, but in the tutorial that Pearl linked to it tells you how to carry them over. I've done it with all friends and comments intact!

  5. Well looks like all ok ish - not all my comments or pots restored but hey hoe! As Mrs Bossa says it is only one day & the service is free but makes me think about future options!

  6. I tried to move to Wordpress last year. It didn't work for all sorts of reasons and all my previous posts were in the wrong format which irritated me. I used Wordpress for the LOVE blog and it's a total pain on layout. I have to say I much prefer using Blogger xx


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