Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What do 17 year olds think of 30/40 years old

Passing by a group of sixth form girls a week or so ago, I caught the end of a sentence which went something like this 'it is so annoying , I hate it when women in their 30s and 40s ....'

It took all my resolve not to run after said group of girls and ask the one (with a roll up on the go) who'd uttered the words exactly what she was referring to. Was it clothes, music, dalliances with younger men - what could it be!

I tried to put myself in their shoes and all I could think was that when I was 17 I thought 30 was old!. In the late 80s the American programme Thirty Something seemed an alien concept.

I really wish I knew. I would love to know the disparaging thoughts of youth. In the absence of the definitive words lets all have a go at finishing the sentence

'It is so annoying , I hate it when women in their 30s and 40s ....'

I'll make a start '...try and copy Alexa Chung's style'


  1. ...Act like 17 year olds on a night out

  2. ....look better than 20 year olds.

  3. about babies / kids all the time.
    - I know thats what I used to think once you hit 30 your life is taken over LOL

  4. ...can string a sentence together without packing it with 'like' or 'whatever'.
    I work at a secondary school and mostly they think anyone over 25 is an idiot...I know because they tell us this at every opportunity!

  5. Oh you would pick the Alexa Chung one wouldn't you, after I copied her breton top, camel coat and red ballet pump look! Do I give a shit what they think - NO, my girls think I'm cool and would hate to have a frumpy mummy, so thats all that matters. My mum was a frump and a constant source of embarrassment when I was a teen! I don't think I've spelt that right, need to go back to school obvs.

  6. Mrs Fab - I was only joking! I was going to put Olivia Palermo but Alexa got first pick!! I think she's copied my style I got there first! Age before beauty and all that!

  7. Have the disposable income to afford nice clothes when I'm stuck buying Primark crap.

    Yeah, and the baby/kids thing too.

  8. Samantha@fashionbidtv18 May 2011 at 11:42

    Good post, and good comments...


    ...are fancied by my boyfriend....

    ...tell us how to live our lives...

    ...think they know everything....

  9. ... let their age restrict the things they want to do. (Although this surely doesn't happen much anymore, does it?)

    The problem is while one gets older inside we always stay the same young, bouncy kid - which is why it can be pretty heart-breaking to hear sentences like that. (I should know, having a 17 year old daughter).

  10. Think they can pull off snakeprint!

  11. I don't care what they think. I do feel odd when someone in a shop refers to me as a "lady" or "madam". I still feel 20 odd! xx

  12. Oh man, i am so glad i read the comments and read the clarification of the Alexa Chung comment. Because I think I've been dressing like Alexa Chung for at least 20 years now. It's bloody awful. I was in a vintage store the other day and they were playing Neil Young's After the Gold Rush. I said, "oh, this is my favorite album." The shop assistant replied: "yeah, i play it for all the aging hipsters."


    I don't really know what to say about this, so I'll just leave it at that.

  13. annemarie - you ageing hipster you!!

  14. 'It is so annoying , I hate it when women in their 30s and 40s ....'

    ...assume that because I haven't started to wear frumpy M&S clothes (and never intend to) I'm slutty, common and/or stupid.

    Slightly less irritating when they think I'm younger than them (but in a 'negative' way, as in 'what are YOU doing in that job?), but hey, it means I've got good skin I guess!

  15. PS. In reply to the snakeskin comment.

    I don't 'think'. I CAN pull it off. Just watch me...

  16. I haven't got a snappy ending to the sentence, but I loved the comments here! I have to say, I'm on the side of not giving a toss what the young 'uns think - that's the great advantage of age, right?

  17. I've probably said "I hate when teenagers..." recently a lot more than those kids have complained about us old ones, so don't feel bad!

    Fucking brats, they all are :-D

  18. Sorry, I can't beat Vix's comment!


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