Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Party Party

Mrs MDS loves nothing more than a good party and Saturday was a party day of three parts.

The first chore of the day in a day of being prepared was to cycle to the nearest supermarket (excluding the local Tesco express) which handily is Waitrose. I was of course getting all the ingredients together to host a welcome home meal for Mr MDS, although by rights gallivanting with a bunch of chums in Spain is nothing to be celebrated. Still it was going to be nice to see him again and hand over sole charge of the petit garcon.

We have no car at the moment which is great as I'm as fit as a fiddle from walking everywhere and the tide on the fat hips has been turned. Also with no Mr MDS to feed my diet had improved 100%, no meat and smaller portions. Saturday was to continue in this vein with a pre return request of 'no meat' from Mr MDS. A tad too much jamon and boys barbecue's for any grown man.
I took my own bags and one of my current favourite handy bags to have is my Isabella Oliver black bag,which the clothes are packed in for delivery. I'm sure when they were designed they didn't anticipate them being packed full with Campari, Prosecco, white wine and soda water. I had to cycle slowly home in order to avoid a spillage. My poor bicycle basket was creaking under the weight of the bottles and the groceries.

The rammed Isabella Oliver bag

My poor basket

My cycling companion (he only learnt to ride a bike 2 weeks ago & loves it!)

My next mission was to hot foot it into and across central London to the northern outpost of Belsize Park and the wonderful vintage clothes business launch party of Penny Dreadful Vintage hosted by its owner Margaret. It was the perfect party combination of vintage clothes, retro high tea food and Pimms. I tried on a to die for pleated Christian Dior skirt and darn it, it fitted, how I wept. There was such a wonderful selection I could have stayed for hours trying things on but I did actually want to see Mr MDS.

How many gorgeous items!

Ah the skirt

Sharon Rose from MyStyle


More yumminess in the form of Mad Men shoes

Mr MDS and I reunited over spritz and frittata, constantly interrupted by the petit garcon, who by now was a proud owner of a Real Madrid away kit, decided to get into the party spirit of the Eurovision song contest. In truth our party began well but declined as firstly petit garcon had to be put to bed once 9pm had been reached. I got too handy on twitter and Mr MDS fell into a snoring slumber on the settee, missing the best bit, the voting. So there I was alone with Graham Norton and twitter - quite a party!

The flag waving support for Blue


  1. Penny Ds party looks fab gutten I couldnt make it, what a fantastic collection she has!

    The last time I rode a bike I was about 15, some twit flung open his car door and I went flying over the handle bars, havent been on once since!

  2. Thanks so much for coming Kate, I'm still eating leftover cake here! Well done on the bike riding, I really should but I am too scared of London traffic xx

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  4. See, it's the vintage shoe collection I wouldn't be able to resist... Sad to have missed a chance to meet Penny D, Sharon and Perdita though - and to see the statuesque Make Do Kate again!! ;) x

  5. This looks like such a fabulous day!

  6. I wish I'd have been able to join you all, what a feast of treats.
    You are good cycling to the shops, both my bikes are festering in the back of the shed. I keep meaning to dig them out and have a ride to the offie on one. xxx

  7. Hi my dear-wow, you crammed a lot in on Saturday, was great to see you again and le Petit Garcon must be thrilled with his Madrid kit!! xx

  8. Your saturday was far better than mine! I'm thinking of getting a bike with a basket too so I can ride around and do my errands. xx

  9. Lovely indeed to meet you! That skirt was so lustworthy, just fab.

    It was a lovely weekend for a stroll or a cycle! Especially one with edible and drinkable treats at the end of it!

  10. Wowsee that's a lot of cycling and a very busy day I'm surprised you didn't fall asleep during Eurovision like Mr MDS

  11. Dear Kate, I'm impressed with the cycling. I keep meaning to get a bike but I'm sure I'd be lethal!

    I wish I could have come to Margaret's party but I had family stuff. I plan to go round very soon though.

    I can't believe you forced Mr MDS to watch Eurovision xx


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