Saturday, 21 May 2011

High Street Pick of the Week

Sea, sun and sand. What this requires is a dress you can throw on over a bikini or just on. At £24.99 you can't go far wrong with this number from H&M. In fact H&M is the place to head for all manner of summer holiday clothes. It is having a moment. I hope you are heading off for hols, not least to get away from the depressing news - I mean look what it drove me to this week. My Thursday rant no less.

Why this dress - well it is a little bit French, a little bit Linda McCartney and whatever your bust size or body shape it will work. And might I add age too...


  1. Cute as a button! Bargain too.

  2. That is really sweet.

    I'm not going on holiday till September so fingers crossed it's still warm enough by then to get away with summery frocks.

  3. very cute........I need a trip to the beach to go with it!!


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