Saturday, 7 May 2011

High Street Pick of the Week - The 2011 Style File

The Seventies were awash with fabulous shirts. Shirts that referenced the 40s worn with tank tops and flared jeans or a-line or maxi skirts. Pattern and flowing sleeves created a strong feminine feel as well as heated rolled hair!

This little number from Warehouse ticks the boxes on all fronts. Just add flares.


  1. Its so pretty! I always forget about Warehouse as we only have a small shop in Blackpool xx

  2. Fabulous. Some vintage fans would baulk, but I pretty much live in flared jeans and 70s style (or actual 70s) blouses.

  3. I never liked 70s fashion...or so I thought. I have always loved pussybow blouses, but it's 70s day dresses that are getting my vote these days. Just waiting for one from Pearl's shop! Would love to try some high-waisted flares, too.


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