Thursday, 19 May 2011

New fashion....for diminishing women by all...

I'll keep this short. If I get one more f*&%ing tweet about Kate Moss & Terry Richardson, I'll scream. What with Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Kenneth Clarke, any mention of Richardson is tipping me over the edge. The former (Strauss-Kahn) is in jail on suicide watch while awaiting trail for a sexual assault. And the latter Kenneth Clarke is trying to classify the experience of sexual assault, namely rape and getting into a lot of hot water. All three are bound by murky waters of varying degrees of misogyny
My annoyance, nay anger about Richardson is that fashion is the last bastion of protection for predators, usually justified under the banner of 'art'. The mention of Moss is a by product because of her mutual beneficial relationship with Richardson et al.

There is nothing I can disclose due to contracts/confidentiality etc. but the more the days go by and I'm not working in the fashion industry as I was, the more I realise how fashion has more in common with the Roman Catholic church's inertia and cover ups of sexually abuse by priest.

I've always assumed that models take cocaine or other drugs in lieu of being a fallen women as was the way in the Victorian ages, how else do you cope with your 'value'. Found by Dante Gabriel Rossetti is a painting of a countryman finding his former sweetheart is a London prostitute. Her shame upon discovery, lends her to sink to her knees and lean her face away from him. There is further symbolism with the lamb in the cart encased in net.

My point is shame binds women to collusion in the 21st century. The fashion industry needs a champion, a hero or heroine to stop the rot and don't expect Moss to stand up to the cause. Nuff said!


  1. I can't look at a Terry Richardson phot any more without thinking 'sleaze' (that is the most printable word I can use here anyway). I don't understand why magazines are still using him.

  2. Oh the irony of Rosetti pointing fingers about female sexuality. He stayed once at the house I work in and got promptly banned from coming back because of his tendency to "accidentally" sleep-walk into the beds of all the female house guests.

    I don't really know much about Terry Richardson but the few bits of his work that I've seen strike me as unnecessarily explicit.

  3. God I hadn't heard about Richardson.. clearly need to go on twitter. The whole Strauss-Kahn thing though.. cannot believe it!

  4. Whether in politics, fashion, film or just in the jet set crowd, what always astonishes me is how many people will cover up all the bad behavior. Collusion is everywhere.
    Richardson is indeed a sleeze but he keeps getting work.

  5. Kate you are brave highlighting this issue. A lot of models are subject to sexual assault but as it is often not rape, it is brushed aside.

    No one in the industry wants to curtail this as the chain is so varied and lucrative for so many. I wish I knew what the answer was but until then I remain cowardly due to selfish self protection reasons.

  6. Hello dear, I'm dropping to ask if everything is fine with you, long time no talk.

    Keep safe....


  7. Alex - gosh was he a perv too! In fact his painting was extremely sympathetic to the 'victim'. He wasn't judging and it was an unfinished painting it is unsure if Rosetti was attempting to pinpoint the trap of marriage or the shame of being deeply tangled in her 'sin'. Also I said it was a lamb in the painting - it is actually a calf.

    Seeker - I've been so busy, I hardly have time to blog let alone read or comment on any others. This is very sad and I will set aside sometime this weekend to catch up with all!

  8. Brilliant post.
    Now is the time for women to draw the sword of truth.

  9. You are going to hate me for this, but frankly I think you have a duty to expose sexual predators in any industry. Have you a daughter? My own brief experience with fashion PR was that it was the bitchy, nasty and all round unpleasant. And that was the women. As a vintage fashion seller I have met many famous designers, magazine editors and journalists and strangely find them in the main to be very normal, funny and sympathetic. With a few exceptions as in everyday life. I think we're talking photographers here? Certainly in my PR career I worked with very nasty though famous fashion photographers who treated models like sh*t, through verbal abuse which shocked me. And in one case actual physical abuse due to the model having to hold her naked foot in ice for ages to get the photo 'right'. I complained the the other sponsor of the photo (the representative a famous jewellery company) but he(geddit) was unmoved. That was 20 years ago. All women in fashion should rise up against this exploitation. I can't believe that any woman would stand by this happening.

  10. Elegancemaison - believe me I have stepped in, and have been gagged on many an occasion. Photographers are usually the main offenders but it is not unknown for 'clients' to over step the mark. I'm one of the few who will even mention or debate this. Your experience highlights the past and the present. I do think things have improved but it is not stamped out and there is no charter to give models a mechanism to whistle blow or be heard in a way that is acted properly upon save for going to the police and lets all acknowledge that a 6% conviction rate is hardly going to give anyone comfort. It isn't always rape in most cases it is sexual or physical assault.

    But I do agree with all you've said xx

  11. I'm with you and many others on here - the fact TR is still working is appalling. Shame on you, Kate Moss.

  12. Dear Kate, I've talked to lots of models about Terry and 99% of them absolutely love him and totally stand up for him. The magazines mostly do the same. What can you do? xx


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