Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A sign from Ye Economy Gods

After realising I was seriously on an economy drive and that stupid pointless clothes buying was out, I was nose deep in Net-A-Porter and then My-Wardrobe flitting between 2 yellow tops one priced £70 and the other £159 - WTF springs to mind. I lost 30 minutes of my life fighting a typical reaction to reality. There was the red devil on one shoulder saying 'oh it won't matter if your overdraft is dented a bit more.' And on the other was voice of reason pointing out 'I was bonkers'. Reason won of course, it always does but for one moment of madness I wanted a yellow top in a way that was ridiculous. I have no money, I'm writing a film script and don't go out much!

Once I had recovered from my brief flirtation with my past addiction, I felt so much better and felt immediately richer. I'm now in the midst of compiling a mood board to inspire me to ride out my period of hardship. It is the classic case of when you make a plan to diet you suddenly want to stuff your face with cake. The mind needs motivation not deprivation, so goal setting is key. I've worked out the basics of a Christmas ski holiday, it entails no birthday and Christmas presents, a certain amount put aside every week, all changes put in a tin plus a car boot sale. I'm going to buy our family Christmas presents asap - I've set a budget for this and a deadline to do it all by. I'm going to ask them not to buy us presents for birthdays and Christmas but give us the cash instead. My family are used to being given hints or directives so they won't be offended. I think their favourite year was when I said we could only spend £10 on our Christmas presents per person. It was good fun and made for some hilarious buys.

So yesterday was all planning and being organised. But I also had an errand to run, namely some speedo swimming briefs for the petit garcon. He's started swimming lessons at school, they have a small 15metre outdoor pool which is a complete gem for a primary school. However the regulation stipulations are swimming cap and speedo briefs for boys, no shorts allowed.

On the way to the sports shop, I walked past a charity shop and there in the window was the brightest yellow top - ever! I nipped in, tried it on and got myself what I wanted for £4.50. I'm sure it was the Vix and Sharon Rose effect. I was channelling both when I turned my back on conspicuous consumption for better things and found the perfect top thanks to the Economy Gods.


The offending Speedo briefs so beloved by those who shouldn't wear them!

The £4.50 top

Petit garcon unable to resist a pose!

The imagined outfit completed! Yellow top £4.50 charity shop, Zara trousers 2 years ago, Topshop bangle 5 years old, Zara gold clutch 6 years old, Marc Jacobs heels 4 years old bought in Matches sale

Closer view of the MJ heels


  1. Well done! That top is gorgeous and a perfect fit although I'm rather distracted by the Petit Garcon's groovy poses.
    you've definitely got a great plan there, Kate. I buy my friends' presents all year round and get brilliant things from car boot sales and charity shops. The trouble is the things I find are sometimes so good I get told off for spending too much. xxx

  2. That yellow top is a great find and looks lovely. x

  3. Hi there!! What a find, your yellow top at £4.50 rivals any for £70 or even double that and its a stylish, timeless piece too-you look great! Le Petit Garcon is incredibly cute and he must be chuffed to be all up and running on the swimwear front!! xxx

  4. Ha ha PG is so cute!! I think your yellow top was total karma for having the will power to resist the really expensive ones. It looks wonderful with the green shoes x

  5. I love it when that happens. Your restraint was rewarded with brilliant charity shop karma! xx

  6. I love that top so am gonna check out the £70 one!

  7. I love it when the universe throws us a nice meaty bone!

    Petit garçon is adorable!!!

  8. Ah speedos, designed for li'l kiddies like Petit Garcon and pro swimmers, but as you mention, ruined by chunky men on holiday. Are they the male version of Juicy tracksuits?

    The top looks fabuloso!! The thrift gods are clearly rewarding you for resisting the online purchase temptation! :)

  9. Well done, you just saved £155.50! My weakness right now is not being prepared with meals. I used to be so good at it but I've slipped, I really must start doing weekly meal plans xx

  10. Well done you !! LOVE the top - perfect colour.

  11. The top is lovely - you look so good in yellows! I resisted a salmon silk Zara jacket the other day - but I think the chances of running into one of those in a charity shop are quite slim...!


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