Monday, 4 April 2011


Making do is of course a favourite occupation of mine. Of course I'm a complete urbanite and make no pretence otherwise. Yes, we have a small patch in the garden where we grow things instead of an interesting water feature or bamboo but mainly we go to the shops for our products.

I'm no stranger to farming or living off the land as we had a family farm. It was a typical feature of many a Welsh family. One of the family members ran the farm and the rest mucked in as required. I spent many a season helping with lambing or hay making as a child. It was one of the things I missed most when we moved to England and inevitably when my uncle died the farm was sold off as no one those days could have given up their urban job to manage a small holding. Contrary to the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall school of country cottages shot beautifully by Channel 4, farms or small holdings can be quite dirty affairs most of the year and only get a bit of a spruce up and clean in the summer months.

I was reminded of all this whilst watching Superscrimpers on Channel 4 last Wednesday night. It was a mix bag of a programme. I felt the wit and charm of Mrs Moneypenny's FT column didn't translate well to tv not least as her pink coat and orange hat alongside a slightly shrill voice was a bit scary. I love Lady Lesley's madcap sterling stomping through the countryside chucking chickens back over fences. She gave a wonderful recipe of nettle pasta and it was great stuff. Except, and rightly or wrongly, I was most put off by one outfit that suggested no bra was being worn or a really ill fitting one. I have an abject horror of braless or ill fitting bras. Braless with a a double AA cup i.e. almost flat chested is passable, any thing else is too much. Of course there are garments that require no bra but ever vigil I have an array of items that support or disguise this fact.

Good support is crucial for breast tissue to prevent sagging and damage to what is essentially just fat. Anyway I digress, what ensued can only be describes as bra-gate. Of course I was on twitter whilst viewing, it is a bit of a must these days. And invariably I made a comment!

My first and only comment on Lady Lesley was perhaps she should sell a chicken and buy a decent bra. I think a few people felt the same way, tsh us urbanites hey!

A day or two later I got a tweet from Lady Lesley (great isn't it) under her farm's twitter name @trallwmfarm - which stated 'Lady Lesley has a bra but more importantly the sanctuary animals get fed'. Well naughty old me quipped back 'well i'm heartily pleased the animals are fed but am also keen on puppies being kept in place correctly'.

Since then I've had a couple of mean tweets but nothing that doesn't amuse me. What amuses me most is the stupidity of people on twitter. You can look at the account and see who they follow and when it was set up. Now there is a twitter account called @Nickynoodles33 who follows @trallwmfarm and is mainly operating to pick on Katie Price and ..'er me!

No stranger to investigative journalism, although the last time I did any decent stuff would have been at the behest of a newsdesk editor when I was training, I thought I should do some digging, which is very easy due to the friend of the lazy Goggle. Lady Lesley herself is no stranger to controversy and attacking. There is a hilarious account of her action against the former Cheif Constable of Dyfed Powys police. Lady Lesley is a maverick and a very entertaining one at that. She obviously does pour her heart and soul in to her sanctuary and I'm sure she could do with donations which can be made here

Lady Lesley upon being cleared of trespassing and I rest my case re:bra
image: BBCWales

Lady Lesley is an interesting character and does to some extent court controversy and likes to fight the establishment. I have no views on this at all as it does take all sorts and I can't wait to get some nettles and make that pasta.

However, Channel 4 needs to exercise some restraint over its programme participants or give them some guidance regarding 'media exposure'. It is important not to conduct petty or spiteful behaviour or encourage others to do so. I did not attack Lady Lesley or what she does. Pointing out bra issues isn't a crime. I understand it might seem rude and would happily concede that point but in fairness twitter is fair game for some quips of this nature. I would stand by telling anyone about bra matters and whilst I don't point this out to all and sundry, one becomes a fair target on a tv programme, after all one is choosing the limelight and all that comes with it. There is a lot of evidence that public appearances can draw comments. I love how people get so shirty with blogs and twitter. Somehow the idea that the review or views aren't in print in a regional or national paper/broadcaster seems to give licence to spite or vitriol. Seriously people need to get over themselves.

Will I watch Superscimpers again, maybe. Would I say the same again, probably.


  1. Hilarious .. but also I am not comfortable with confrontation .. maybe its from years of battling that I am now shell shocked i tend to avoid it rather than seek it..
    I do however find twitter banter hilarious when its someone like you, that is intelligent with their words xx Team Kate all the way

  2. As someone who works in a 'caring' profession at the expense (as my father endlessly tells me) of my potential income, I find people who use holier-than-thou logic to justify things truly irritating. It's that 'ha! now feel guilty! WIN' attitude of the glib reply that does it.

    I'd have more respect for someone who just said 'I don't like wearing bras'. End of. The implied guilt in a public forum is petty in the extreme.

  3. Oh how I love twitter banter! It's a shame when people take it too far though. And I agree - breasts should always be supported!

  4. I've got a teatowel on my head, I've got a tea towel on my head...

  5. Rachel - hahaha - for all those not in the know we were tweeted to take teatowels off our heads by cronies!!

  6. Oh dear. I can understand if you aren't used to being on telly you might be upset by people tweeting about you, but it isn't right to react by being mean to people who are simply commenting on a tv show. Channel 4 should prep people on this. Haven't seen the show yet but we have recorded it so will watch out for the fun bags tonight xx

  7. How funny! I was completely unaware of any of this! When I made reference to the fact that after having my blackheads squeezed out at last weeks facial, I looked like Simon Weston, I got a nasty tweet, the woman saying "I don't want to fall out but.." quite frankly I don't know her so therefore do not give a f@@k if we fall out, I love Simon Weston, it was a bloody joke! Some people wouldn't know "WIT" if it bit them on the arse!

  8. My experience of Channel 4 suggests that they enjoy making people look ridiculous/a bit weird/downright contemptable, and I see it again and again on their programmes (or at least I used to when I watched C4)

  9. Poor fitting bras drive me crazy!!!
    Women need to do their backs a favour and get fitted.

  10. Oh I have that sky+ed haven't had time to watch it yet, but now I will be obsessed with watching everyones boobs!! I hate bras, the best things about being really thin was that I pretty much lost all boob and didn't need to wear a bra, sigh. But what I hate even more than no bra is too tight across the back bra- its like back muffin tops all over. I had this debate last time I went for a bra fitting the woman insisted the correct size was the one giving me back rolls - I said look love I dont care what you think is a correct fit but this looks ridiculous, and got the size bigger. Ok I am ranting now! Some people need to lighten up, Team Kate!!

  11. I love Lady Lesley, I've seen her on a few things now. I wonder how to find out her bra size? I'd send her one as a present.

    What is it with people, they have no sense of humour! xx


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