Friday, 8 April 2011

Let's go large

Spring is here. No longer does one have to think can I pack my deepest darkest winter clothes away.

This wonderful burst of sunshine puts me in the mood to dance, skip and well frankly not blog! It is almost as if one needs to savour every moment of this sunshine. Our bodies are craving the natural vitamin D.

Kick off your boots and put on the biggest hat you can find in celebration that the sun is out.

Marc Jacobs

Alberta Ferretti

Caroline Herrera


  1. I bought a little hat yesterday. It's a straw cloche sunhat thing from M&S and it made me feel all House of Elliot when I put it on.

    Love the Caroline Herrera look.

    Ali x

  2. i have a great-big-brimmed-dusty-ping-grosgrain-ribbon affair I shake out every fact am wearing it in my head shot.....bigger the better!!

  3. Hi there!! fabulous choices here, very inspirational-I must invest in a new one this year!! xx

  4. Loving the hats, will definitely get one tomorrow!

  5. I tried on a few hats in Bluewater on Monday and none of them fitted! I love big hats but too difficult to pack and to be honest I would look a complete prat in one, so I am gonna stick with the Panama I got last year!

  6. I love the big hat trend :)

  7. Oooh all 3 of these for me please. Xxxx

  8. Dear Kate, the hats are great, but I LOVE that Marc Jacobs dress. I can feel a copy coming on xx


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