Monday, 18 April 2011

Bring it on!

My script writing mojo is back. I'm actually loving my script again which is key to good writing and creative visualisation. I might be the worlds worst blogger over the next few weeks or so - my mind is not on fashion as the passion is all for writing.

I've inserted my MA short film for old times sake. Sometimes I'm amazed I made it given:
a) I'd never made a film before
b) I raised all the money through graft as a stylist to pay for it
c) Negotiated with major companies to use their locations - once again thank you Oasis, Pret & Charlton Athletic
d) Manage to shoot it over 3 days with Swine Flu - one day I will be able to share the whole gruesomeness I suffered.
e) Combined the film making with an 18,000 word dissertation

Still it was worth it!


  1. Hello, you Go Girlfriend!! Seems like you're On Fire. Keep Up the Good Work and Good Luck! xxx

  2. Dear Kate, the film's great and well done for getting on with the script. I'm sure it'll be brilliant xx

  3. I'm sure the script will be fabulous! :)

  4. Hi my dear-well done for staying focused and being true to whats important to you, go for it and wishing you much success with both the film and the script xx

  5. How exciting! I really like the film you made and I'm really interested to see the results on your current work. Steven Spielberg watches his favourite films before he starts work on a new movie and they include It's a wonderful Life and the Seven Samurai - what films are you using to inspire you? xx

  6. wow........well done.......on ward and upward!! Am myself finding a lot of excuses to unleash myself from my have inspired me to crack on!!

  7. It sounds stressful for you but very exciting. Do you have much left to do on it?

    Have a proper couple of weeks off blogging - we'll miss you but it's an added distraction when you've got something this big to concentrate on.


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