Tuesday, 26 April 2011

If you're going to buy Royal do good

Of course I haven't splashed out a penny on anything to do with the Royal Wedding. I did buy some melamine Union Jack cups in Waitrose a few weeks ago but for picnics and use by kids.

However there is something quite tempting about wearing this t-shirt from Warehouse on Friday. The Flag & Crown Tee is £20 and more importantly it is a Fashion Targets Breast Cancer number (30% of profits go to Breakthrough Breast Cancer).

You know I'm an anti Royal so buy one and think of this wonderful lady instead!

Please read Christina's lovely post on Poly Styrene at Fashion's Most Wanted


  1. I really like that T shirt xx Christina's post is lovely xx

  2. I so want this Tee and wish I had known about it earlier. I shall be wearing red and white but feeling slightly blue on Friday as I sit with my dear 91 year old mother watching the Wedding. A different generation that I respect. She sat in the front row when attending my father's investiture with King George VI in 1945. Neither MR EM nor I are keen on the monarchy. He because he is Scots and loathes them. Me because I am a republican but also have a loathing of duplicitous politicians, so finding it difficult to envisage an acceptable alternative head of state. Perhaps shooting ( OK banning) all except the direct in line. That includes siblings. Oo-er am I having a rant on another's blog? Sorry!

  3. So sad about Poly Styrene - she rocked ...

  4. I must admit that it's had to get excited for a large and an expensive wedding while the rest of the UK has to tighten its belt just to survive, is this really 'we all in this together'?
    PS nice t-shirt and tribute xx

  5. Yes, if one is going to spend anything on the Royal Wedding paraphernalia then that t-shirt should be it.

    Having said that Regretsy have a rather marvellous line-up on Royal Wedding goods, including condoms, cock rings & nail decals. She has even found a mug with the wrong princes face on it - Kate & Harry (there's no way that Kate doesn't fantasize about that, is there?).


  6. Dear Kate, I've been dying to catch up with you. It's taken forever all this blog reading!

    Thanks for the mention re Poly. So sad. I've managed to put a few of her old friends back together through the comments on the post which is lovely.

    I like that T shirt and you know I don't even own a single one!

    I'm Twittering the royal wedding live for LOVE mag with Giles from my house. We're having a retro buffet - cheese and pineapple/onion hedgehogs and the like. Classy!

    God knows what we'll witter on about!


    I hope Sarah Burton at McQueen is doing the dress, at least that'll be brilliant.

    Hope you're having a good week, love C xx


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