Friday, 1 April 2011

Going Underground

Given it is the 1st of April I wish I was amusing you all with a prank, but I've been suitably bereft of any good ideas for the last few weeks as I've stumbled and stomped in equal measure towards the end of my job. Why even the other day I found myself almost booking a styling job for May. It was on the tip of my tongue to say yes but I managed to haul myself back.

I have until July to finish the first draft of my film script and have many 'jobs' to do around the house. My to do list is lengthy and tackle it I must! It feels odd not to have to think about something else other than the day to day. On the one hand I have the petit garcon mapping out a new career for me as a dinner lady. He so wants me to be in his school a day or two a week like other mums. And on the other I really really fancy a wander round some galleries and museums plus a shop or two. I can't remember a time when I look at clothes merely for pleasure.

It does feel all a bit different if someone had told me a year ago I'd be turning up to a quiz night at the school on a Friday night instead of an event or party in town I'd have choked on my Martini. Yet, here I am. I have no idea where this is all going to end but already a few people are asking me for my creative ideas rather than booking me as a jobbing stylist.

Surprisingly it does feel quite 'punk rock' (for those who watched Lucy in Disguise). Almost bold to be free, to not give a fig for status, money or anything. When I was little one of my favourite songs was The Jam's Going Underground they seemed so angry but right and I loved the energy but didn't get it. I would jump up and down in the living room and laugh. I felt so free then too, so excuse me whilst I re-enact it...


  1. Hi my dear!! Know how you feel, its my first week in on reduced hours and it feels so strange to do my own thing-I need to get into a proper routine and like you have a big to do and want to do list, so heres to much success for us both!! xxxx

  2. I don't doubt for one minute that anything you decide to do, will be a success. Although why anybody would want to give up styling is beyond me (LOL) but that is because for some of us, it is a dream job and something I wish I had done! xx

  3. I think it is amaaaaaaazing (yes, I've been watching Lily too). It is always a bit disorienting finding a new routine, but you'll get there. A bit of Jam in the meantime is always a big help ;) xx

  4. You will be fine, this is your dream! Yes Ive been watching Lily, guess thats what its like to have tons of cash and no common sence!

  5. Love this Kate. I went to see The Jam in 1980. Queued up for hours and got into the sound-check at The Apollo in Manchester. Got all their autographs. Happy memories. My fave song was Butterfly Collector.

  6. Great song and good for you taking a risk for the sake of sanity and creativity - good luck :)


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