Saturday, 9 April 2011

High Street Pick of the Week - The 2011 Style File

One of the many similarities between the 30s & 70s is the prevalence of long sleeve dresses in chiffon.

Chiffon is a material much beloved of these two eras. And no one is exploiting the 70s better than River Island on the high street at the moment. Their revival of the iconic Chelsea Girl brand, well iconic if you were someone who needed fashion in the mid to late 70s and early 80s. That and Snob.

a wonderful archive image from Chelsea Girl

In fact so proud are River Island of their heritage, they have moved on from selling a few Chelsea Girl bags and revived the ethos of the past. However what they are doing best is their Seventies Girl selection of garments and this dress in particular

I have no price, it isn't on the website but the stockist number to call is 0208 991 4904. Maybe the River Island press office will let me know. It is a wonderful example of an all year round dress that will see you through many an occasion. Good old River Island or is that Chelsea Girl!

PS I'm worried this dress is sold out but least think of it as a reintroduction to some great pieces at River Island you didn't think existed!


  1. LOVE it. Hope it is in my price range! xx

  2. That is a great dress. I used to love Snob, you can still get it but its quite expensive now, a boutique called Zee & Co sell it.

  3. I loved Chelsea girl.. oh god thank you for the memory xx

  4. What a gorgeous dress!!
    Love chiffon, makes things "fly"...

    Hope all is well with you, dear.


  5. Ooh Chelsea Girl - do you remember the clothes rails hung on chains from the ceiling and made rifling through them impossible!

  6. Hi there-I have fond memories of Chelsea Girl, I was gutted when my local store closed!!

  7. Heehee am chilling out in an ancient Snob shirt as I type. I use it for sleeping in these days! This made me chuckle and 'took me back'!
    Thank you!

  8. Chelsea Girl! Haven't heard that name in a long while. Love that dress, but love the Sam Cam look-a-likie in the Chelsea Girl blouse enormously!!!

    Ali x

  9. I loved this dress as soon as I saw it, but didn't know about the Chelsea Girl connection. It's the perfect colour for me... *sighs wistfully*

  10. was in River Island myself buying the midnight blue plazo pants with white bird Biba....just this weekend and stumbled upon the Chelsea Girl cache, unleashing a whole trunk of memories!!


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