Saturday, 2 April 2011

High Street Pick of the Week - The 2011 Style File

Continuing with the theme of building a wardrobe based on clothes which draw upon the 1930s and 1970s, it would be remiss not to pull out an item from the Biba collection exclusive to House of Fraser. Regardless of your views on appropriation or attempting to recreate the iconic Biba, the collection yields wearable and gorgeous individual items to mix with your other garments. I would say head to toe Biba would look, shall we say,.. a little try hard. Don't even think of passing it off as ironic!

The Biba Panther print blouse is reduced to £52 It would work well with your new flared jeans or a skirt or wide leg trousers. The panther print makes me think of Wallis Simpson's jewellery or should I refer to her as the Duchess of Windsor, either or the blouse will be a useful addition for now and for years to come.

Apologies for small image but it wasn't available on my press images account and House of Fraser have (they are not the only ones) not thought about making images off their website easily accessible and useful for fashion bloggers.


  1. This images thing gets on my nerves! Great blouse though, I love the Biba collection.

  2. Was £52 reduced I always thought Biba was meant to be the cheaper shop if you couldn't aford Mary Quant! I do like the style and print of this blouse, though I have to admit I have only seen the collection in HoF window and haven't had a closer inspection. I am intregued now!

  3. Dear Kate, of course, I absolutely love it! I am skint or I'd buy one xx

  4. I remember when Biba relaunched in the 90's. Great excitment!

    I love this blouse.


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