Sunday, 3 April 2011


My first weekend off for what seems ages! Usually the weekend requires work, some prep or research. Juggling work and family has been a fine art. Now when Friday comes I know I'm free!

Friday night was a venture in to a world I have never entered, that of school parents and a fund raising quiz evening. I suspected I was a tad over dressed as usual with my Gap dress which I belted, my lovely Michael Kors boots purchased in Bergdorf Goodman in 2007 and my crazy green poncho which I love, plus a clutch from Red magazine's Red Direct bought in 2001. Excuse me hastily taken photo but since I will be light on things style wise I feel the need to beef up the blog with my outfits! What disturbs me the most is the ever present slippers. When I loaded the picture up I realised I take my slippers off and leave them in exactly the same place every time. I didn't know I did this until teawithonesugarplease pointed this out.

It was an absolute shame I'd already committed to being on a quiz team as this meant I missed out on a wonderful gathering and truly stylish event at Mrs Jones Emporium. It was very hard to stick to my principles of good manners as I so wanted to go and when I saw the photos and read the review I was sick but not in an urban cool way!

Saturday was quiet, no manic dashing or rushing around. I managed to even see my mother to give her a present for Mothers Day before she and my dad rocked off to a party in Bristol. Taking the train first class from London and making sure they had their lunch before they went did suggest they weren't truly going 'large' even if their invite was a hells angels motif for someone's 50th.

I returned home to find a jubilant Mr MDS as his beloved West Ham were winning against Manchester Utd. It didn't last, it never does! I placed my bag on the hallway bench next to his scarf in an attempt to hide it so not to remind him of the pain of defeat where there had been so much hope. My bag is a 2003 or 2004 (I really can't remember which one) Gucci number I always use it for the Spring as it is a beautiful tan colour and has amazing stitching detail and a great retro Gucci logo aka the Mr Tom Ford era. I loved Gucci then, it seems so long ago now. I do hope Mr Ford gets Dior as he is a brilliant pillager of archives and I mean that in a good way.

My freedom inspired me to be completely impromptu and have some friends round for supper. We made pizzas and put out olives, salmon, lemons & artichokes for snacks plus French bread with olive oil & balsamic dip. I was very adventurous in Waitrose and selected a English wine - Chapel Down Flint Dry We were all pleasantly surprised and also very good as one bottle between four was enough. Ginger beer or lemonade was the other option!

Then before I knew it Mothering Sunday was upon me. My lovely little petit garcon was so angelic when he he said 'happy mother's day' and gave me a kiss.

A photo of him after swimming proving that kids loved to be swaddle forever until they grow out of it!

My day has started well with Eggs Florentine which I first ate in Balthazar in New York. It is my favourite place to eat. I love that it is coming to London but my heart will forever belong to Spring Street. My present was the wonderful Balthazar cook book. It made me smile as my first visit there was for Sunday brunch and there was a huge queue. A table for 5 was out of the question but my friend's husband worked for a very important organisation. He made the effort to appraise the Maitre 'De in a very nice way of our visitors status and must have flashed his very important status thing. We were outside while all this was going on. He came out and said no go, too long a wait so slightly forlorn we walked along Spring St away from Balthazar. Less than 3 minutes later just as we were crossing the road, the Maitre 'De walked in a quick fashion and shouted 'turn your toushes around'. Of course we did and in such a way as if it were an every day occurrence. I was barely able to surpress my glee as we glided past the queue wondering who on earth we were to get such preferential treatment. The sweetest Eggs Florentine ever!


  1. I love the outfit!

    There'll be another party there in the summer I'm sure. The music was absolutely brilliant, I had forgotten how good she is.

    Those eggs are making me hungry. Have a lovely Mother's Day xx

  2. cute post and cute outfit!
    kisses, v

  3. Mmm Eggs Florentine possibly one of the best things ever in the world to eat.

    Best I've had was while at the Bellagio in Las Vegas but will have to note your recommendation for Balthazar NYC for my next trip.

    Fabulous outfit especially that gorgeous Gucci bag


  4. Hi my dear!! Yum yum, those eggs look delicious and what a wonderful story, the book looks a very decadent present too!! Love the poncho and Gap dress and Happy Mothers day xxx

  5. Family, friends and cooking, it you had the perfect weekend!
    I love the poncho and boots look.

  6. Oh...and Tom Ford at Dior would be brilliant....but he just invested a huge amount in his own eponymous brand that I don't see how he could do both collections.

  7. Ford for Dior would certainly be something to behold, I think he missed the buck though. I love tan for summer too x

  8. What a lovely weekend. How did you go at the quiz?

    I didn't really try anything on as I was feeling chubby on Friday and really just wanted to go so I could meet Fee and Christina. I really want to go back sometime when I can take better pictures and have time to try things on - if you are interested I'd love to make a date with you so we could both go together xx

  9. Lovely post, darling!
    Balthazar is one of my fave restaurants!


  10. Love the outfit, you look fab! The bag is gorgeous too and agree on the colour! Great pressie and story behind it, so glad you had a great weekend! I did of course, wish you a Happy Mothers Day on twitter this morning. BTW such a shame about West Ham, terrible to watch!

  11. Laughing away- my Ugg slippers are in so many of my outfit posts revealing my secret slob self
    Spectacular eggs!


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