Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Eggs from Poland via Etsy

The wonderful aspect of blogging is the element of chance. Chance meetings, comments and finds. Recently my Feminism & Ageing post drew in different readers and invariably comments. Because I'm a polite bunny I always make every effort to visit the commentators blog.

Bozena Wojtaszek was one such blogger I visited to return the compliment of a read and comment. In doing so I stumbled across a beautifully textile blog called The Textile Cuisine. Bozena also has an Etsy shop
The shop has some delightful items especially for Easter and I really couldn't resist some eggs. I took some photos on my iPhone with ordinary camera and a couple of Hipstamatic ones.

back view of textile eggs

front view of textile eggs

The quality is extraordinarily and they are gorgeous items for decorating ones home at Easter. If I was a buyer at a department store or interior or furnishing shop I'd be snapping up her work.


  1. How funny! Bozena and I have been 'following' each others blogs since started last May and I have been admiring her eggs for the last few weeks on her blog. Its great to see them on yours!

  2. Oh my, Katherine, what a blatant promotion, I'm blushing... Thank you!
    I'm really happy that you like them.

  3. These eggs look lovely!! Hope she sells loads of 'em!

    Ali x

  4. How beautiful! The detail is extrodinary.
    I bought a hand knitted chicken at the hospital the other day, Im a sucker for anything when brandished by a group of old ladies!

  5. Oh my!
    These are wonderful. So much better than chocolate which is so quickly chomped and forgotten!



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