Friday, 27 February 2009

Fashion, Food and being Fierce

It was so lovely to receive an award from Sharon Rose Vintage the ever successful thrift queen! Particularly as it is the Fierce award!

Although given my ramblings of late I'm not sure that I'm possessed of enough 'fierceness' when it comes to fashion. The trouble with studying fashion is the too much information overload and the doubts that creep into ones brain cells. Issues such as relevance, conspicuous consumption, the ascribing of the female identity blah, blah, blah. After finished one essay yesterday (yes! one down two to go) I decided to view the blog posting on LFW and the shows on and just enjoy some spectacle!

My three favourite shows were Erdem, Paul Smith and from the trenches the Momo pics courtesy of Marian of The House of Style

Erdem and Paul Smith Women images from

On the food front I am going great guns although I'd be fibbing if I didn't admit to dreadful lusting after chocolate - I don't usually care that much for it apart from choc cakes and desserts - and a momentary longing look at a chilled bottle of wine in the fridge. I started today with porridge made with water and added blueberries, raspberries and pumpkins seeds plus Spanish lemon honey and a glass of orange juice. Lunch is homemade hummus, crackers and carrot with supper a wonderful mix of couscous and vegetables. In between I sate myself with water and green tea. I might lose some of my fierceness on this fayre but I'll be able to wear fashion!


  1. I loved Paul Smith and Luella both for their quirky quintessential britishness thing. I rooting for you on the food. Takes about 4 weeks plus to get bad habits out of your system so good luck!

  2. Giving up a particular food always makes it our culinary focus, don't you think? Hang in there, lady.

  3. One urge at a time, Kate, one urge at a time.

    If you stick with the no-chocolate thing long enough, you'll lose your taste for it, and devilsfood won't bedevil you anymore.

    Keep it going, I'm rooting for you!

  4. I have sucha soft spot for eating too. I need to lose weight!!

  5. your meals sound so healthy, i wish you endurance.after a while the urges stop hitting you.I recently stopped eating wheat,dairy or red meat for health reasons.
    It's been so hard but i'm seeing positive changes so im trying to stick to it.I wish you strength on the food front.
    I adored the Erdem and Paul Smith colletions too!
    muah x

  6. First pic is beautiful. Goes perfectly for the black + gold trend

  7. Hi there-your meals are sounding very yummy indeed! Love these pics from LFW, its been great to see the new collections! Have a lovely weekend!

  8. oh I know what you mean! I think that is why most of the buyers in the industry end up wearing so much black.
    But when I need an eyewash from Autism I go look at Fashion. So where are you gonna go?

    I think your new eating sounds very yummy too. Focus on that rather than whats missing.

    Nothing wrong with some full fat yoghurt or similar as a treat. A little bit of what you fancy is good for you you know.

  9. Hey - Of course you deserve this wonderful award!!

    And on the topic of the food - you have made some totally healthful (and yummy) choices. May I suggest that - if this is the way you eat every day - you add a bit more (good) fat and a bit more protein. You've got all the goodness covered but you may be much less hungry and crave-y with a couple hundred more calories that don't come from carbs (or sugar, natch). Just a thought...

  10. Beautiful pictures! (I would be really fierce if I couldn't eat chocolate...or maybe homicidal rather than fierce)


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