Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Star gazing

I admit a liking of stars, mainly of the astronomy kind, and this has always led me to having star accessories. When there was a recent craze for stars I was a tad upset believing I only had a right to this indulgence! I know, where does one get ideas in their head like this. I also took exception to the gladiator trend on the basis I'd been wearing them for years every summer so didn't wear any last year!

I also have a weakness for Cath Kidston - this is not to be compared with my weakness for Marc Jacobs or Lanvin. I know the difference. can't fault Ms Kidston for her twee and quirky quintessential British seaside, jolly hockey sticks delights.

At £12.00 these little star numbers are quite cheery and glitzy at the same time without screaming what ho!


  1. As you know there is ALWAYS room for a bit of 'Cath' x

  2. ooooh they remind me of my childhod :)

  3. Cath's pieces also put a smile on my face,they have such a cheery disposition! those star earrings have a delish vintage look to them.
    hope your well and keeping warm in this snow.

  4. Adorable! And I know just what you mean: When a style you've worn for ages gets all trendy, sometimes you can't help but disdain it until the kerfluffle has died down.

  5. Hi there-very cute, a possible Valentines gift from Mr MDS maybe?

  6. Yeah, I'm always up for a bit of Cath. I'm a big fan of her twee felt flower brooches, too. xx

  7. adorable. i also love those plastic star lights, we used to have them up in my tiny efficiency, so cheery!


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