Thursday, 5 February 2009

Valentine Perfume

Now you've got a good few days to think up wish lists and drop hints if amoured or buy yourself your own love token if single. I always did - what's not to love about yourself!

Much as I think Valentines day is too commercial and overrated, I do enjoy the potential present and a bit of romance. I have a little box with Mr MDS's little offerings over the year which have all been tres delightful. But I do remember the funniest Valentine's I spent was with a girl friend. We decided to go out for some food and had completely forgotten it was Valentine's night. Tried as we might we got turned away from all eateries including Pizza Express; to whom I pointed out that the late table for two was a couple who'd argue and they'd be a no show. Nope, it didn't work. Finally we settled on MacDonalds and couldn't stop laughing especially as the service was the worst imaginable from a poor grunty spotty youth. It's the last time I ate there, as at night the lights are too bright and not as flattering as candlelight - okay eating at McDonalds is a bit of an oxymoron and it isn't on my top ten list!

I've picked two romantic perfumes Paul Smith Rose and Jo Malone Red Roses (of which I have one courtesy of Paul Smith - they messed up on a suit for Mr MDS once and as a sorry gave me some perfume, clever boys!). Both are utterly delightful and are quite nostalgic smells - I think Roses conjure a pastiche of life, hence rose tinted spectacles no doubt!


  1. The suitcases are from Candem's Antique market!! It's one of my fav. spots in London!:P

    I'm thinkin' i really need one of these perfumes...Such a shame I don't boyf...:P


  2. Our wedding anniversary is in Feb as well, so Valentines's doesn't really make the grade in our household - it is cast into a shadow.

    We do silly things, like make heart shaped meatballs for dinner and that sort of thing instead!

  3. Traditionaly we didn't celebrate VDay, but now it's really being a trend here, so.. we have fun.


  4. I love rose scent. Weleda does a great rose body oil. With high quality essential oil. And Savon Marseille does a great rose line too!

  5. Hi there-I always sniff Jo Malones scents when i visit Selfridges. My new classic for keeps is Diors Escale a Portofino, their new citrusy, lemony perfume-I will definitely be reordering this when my present bottle runs dry. I also want some Chanel Chance too!

  6. Free Perfume? Yayyyy! :)


  7. Very nice picks indeed. I ended up in Ormonde Jayne a couple of days ago and could easily have walked out of there with half a dozen bottles. xx

  8. Yes, I agree the scent of roses, is as you so poetically put it, able to conjure " a pastiche of life"!
    so true, I have been looking for a rose scent which lasts- do you have a preference for one or the other?
    Now I know what I shall ask for from mon amour! alias, hubby!

  9. I find Valentines Day quite amusing - it also happens to be my birthday so I have never suffered any Valentines upset, which can only be a good thing.

    I think you're right - it is nice to receive a token of appreciation but it would be horrible if that token was a teddy bear from Clinton Cards. Euch.

    Love the blog!

  10. I love rose perfume.

    I think VDay is a "Hallmark holiday," conjured up by the aforementioned card company, with the idea of guilting men into thinking they owe their girls jewelry, flowers, and chocolate. It's preposterous, but I have to admit, I like it! ;)


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