Friday, 20 February 2009

Fave ad of the moment!

Every once in a while an ad comes along that makes you love ads so much. The new Adidas advert is one such one. Nothing beats a short film that leave you wanting more. Adidas sportswear is diverse, including the Vespa originals collection and the range by Stella McCartney is fabulous.

What I love about the ad is the soundtrack which is by Madcon and is remake of a Frankie Valli song Beggin' it makes me skip!

I've had to link rather than upload video as it wouldn't upload onto blogger!


  1. Nice post.
    I also love adidas..=)
    Wish you can show us more..
    Hope to see you on my blog too..=D
    Keep on writing..

  2. Stella's ads are so good this season

  3. Hi there-My fave ad is the Virgin 80s one-right up my street!!

  4. where is the make do style in it?

  5. Sabb - it's not always about making do - sometimes its about the inspiration!


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