Monday, 2 February 2009

Resolutions update!

The only thing I haven't had a chance to do, which I meant to on Saturday is weigh myself. I'm only allowed to weigh myself on the last day of the month (in my head, obviously there is no new law issued by the Government on this!). But, I was so busy I missed the chance to go to the gym and use the 50p machine to record my progress if any. Now I have to wait until the end of February, I might have to relax my head on this one and be all risky and do it on a random day!
So, who knows if I've dented the 13 pounds I need to shift. I do feel post Christmas lighter but we'll see.

On the swearing front, I'm doing surprisingly well and have manage to amend the f word to frig or fricking if I inadvertently start to use it. Mind you 'bloody' seems to be increasing as a substitute, I'll know the true result of my not using the f word resolution when petit garcon uses an expletive for the first time - what one will it be.

I've bought no clothes, this has been hard due to new season items calling to me but easy as I have no fricking money.

I have been nicer to Mr MDS and the benefits are quite pleasing, mainly it has shown me things are not that important - so now I just rearrange the dishwasher and empty it without getting fricking annoyed and mentioning my annoyance. I don't think you can never not be annoyed though except with the help of drugs!

The house has the beginning of a plan and am pleased with progress. Equally short film is progressing well at the first stage. And I have found out all about Lent so will reveal more on my take later...


  1. Hi there-well done you, especially on the no spending for clothes, I know I couldn't do it!! Are you loving the snow? My lot were out in it at quarter to eight this morning, no school or work, I'm well pleased!!

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