Thursday, 26 February 2009

Sale info!

For those of you who've been good and have some money to spare then take advantage of the 20% off the Matches sale price.
All you have to do is enter MATCHES20 in the promotional box before checking out. The offer last only until Friday!!
If I had some spare coins and wasn't under a resolution to not spend then I'd be snapping these up!

Pierre Hardy white open toe stiletto shoes down from £350 to £96 (with 20% off that's £76.80!)


  1. Hi there-oh these are gorgeous and would go with anything too!

  2. ahhh you're killing me...I was just looking at some pierre hardy shoes....hmmm.. :-)

  3. Wow, that's a great price!

  4. I'm getting REALLY sick of my shopping ban right about now ...

  5. Oh man! It is too tempting. I must stay away.

  6. amazing discount! thanks for the heads up my dear! hope your well?
    muah x

  7. Great discount but I still can't afford them haha!

    Thanks for your comment on my birthday post. I really appreciate it! I actually went to Just Grillin' restaurant in Quayside Centre, Christ Church. Have you ever been there?

  8. I've no luck with online shops.
    If they ship international, what most of the time they don't, the post cost is higher than the stuff price :(



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