Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Resolution update!

Today is Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent and therefore my random resolution conceived of at the beginning of the year is upon me. Having watch Schindler's List (1993) again on Saturday as part of Sky's Oscar season I lost any temptation to moan about my choice or fail. It won 7 of it's 12 Oscar nominated categories and it is a shame that Liam Neeson didn't win best actor. Seeing it again reminded me of the importance of being strong, resolute and to care about others. I also am surprised Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscars. I do believe the cinematography was amazing and the musical score was good but I'm not a fan of the essence of the film so...

Anyway...I've done my plastic pop research into Lent and get the idea of soul searching, reflection and taking stock. It is all a bit 'heavy' if I go into too much detail but it is not a happy and uplifting time. There is varying guidance on observing length by the different churches. The Anglican church seems most light weight with an emphasis on giving up something you like e.g. chocolate. The Catholic church has specific fast days and encourages participation in hunger days where you have a light meal of soup and bread to set aside money for the poor. Whilst the Orthodox gives the most structure to the Lenten period and has five levels of fasting!

I decided to take something from everyone and create a make do style approach. I'm giving up coffee and chocolate. I will attempt when possible to have a hunger day and donate the money saved to charity and I've selected level four of the Orthodox churches fasting options which means abstaining from meat, eggs, milk, cheese, fish, oil and wine! The only good news is that Sunday is not counted as Lenten day so I can eat, drink and be merry with gluttony on a Sunday! Oh and the Sunday thing is RC and I'll be on for the RC and Protestant calendar too. The Orthodox Church runs to a different timetable. I'm all for inclusiveness!

Apparently meditation and prayer helps you get through this. Given I do neither this will be an interesting approach. One of my course books this term is Celebrity by Chris Rojek and his view on celebrity worship is due to the absence of spiritual guidance or the dominance of organised religion. Watch this space!

PS The last bit ref Rojek. It doesn't mean he is calling for organised religion in society he is merely debating the fact if God, monarchy and tyranny are dead as divine ruler then we have democracy (some poor peeps live under totalitarian states) yet we still gravitate towards the creation of 'god' like individuals in society - read the book!


  1. Hi there-wow, you are really going for it-the very best of luck to you, you've more willpower than me, LOL!

  2. I will certainly be watching This Space! I have to give up shopping and I need a role model.

    Pray for me.

  3. Sharon Rose - my will power until quite recently would have been graded as slacking big style but its getting better so I hope this increases my capabailities.

    Sister Wolf - I'll make up something to do with black jeans!

  4. That's a lot to take in at this time in the morning, giving up chocolate and coffee is a big step, even if it's just for lent - goodluck!

    PS. know what you mean about Slumdog, it was the least feel-good movie I've ever seen - totally misadvertised. I went into the cinema feeling all ready to relax and watch a fun film and came out quite depressed!

  5. Chocolate and coffee and eggs etc??? Madness indeed. I am giving up chocolate, but would simply beat senseless anyone who was foolish enough to wrestle a skinny cappo from my hand.....

    Let me know how you get on...

  6. OK,having been raised rather Catholic (and therefore, ditching religion as soon as I cam of age), I absolutely ignore Lent.

    And, you'd have to poke my eyes out with tweezers to get me to stop with chocolate or coffee for 30 days - much less both :-)

    But I support you in your resolution and look forward to hearing about how it goes.

  7. Rock ON, lady! I bet you'll learn a lot about yourself during this time ... deprivation does that.

    If you send me your mailing addy, I'll send you one of Husband Mike's infamous Lent cards. This is the last year he's making them!

  8. Wow, such willpower! Good luck and let us know how this goes! I could never give up chocolate.

  9. OK, you've encouraged me to follow suit. I'm giving up chocolate for Lent. Which is a big statement for a hormonal lady, let me tell you. xx

  10. I was raised in Catholic religion, so in this period we are said not to eat meat.... but I become vegetarian and with a personal philosophy of life.
    So what can I do....

    But I think you're brave for standing for something. That's what happens with me for being vegetarian.

    And I'm supporting you, lady.


  11. Thank you for all your support. I know everyone has different experiences with organised religion and faith but I do feel I can learn something from this. I like to put it in the context of connecting with the world in general and learning about myself. You know I think blogging and the blogosphere is a great motivator - one can share the most inconseqential nuances of ones life and you get lots of fab info and thoughts back. I'm also going to be head down for the next few weeks to do my essays!

  12. i had a teacher who went on a fast for ... i think just about 2 weeks.

    i haven't watched any of the 'oscar' rated good movies yet =(

  13. Oscar is always controversial...but I am so happy for Penelope Cruz, she really deserves!

  14. These are great undertakings, Kate! Is any of the family going along for the ride?

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