Friday, 13 February 2009

Blogger Pajama Pyjama Party

Now today's post is a special blogging day arranged by Sister Wolf of Goddamit, I'm mad!
In my action packed week I'm only hazily remembering why- here is the explaination!

I had promised rollers in hair but I've mislayed my carmen rollers (joke!). Anyway petit garcon wears them much better and he is with me in spirit regarding not obsessing about youth and hairiness, he likes fun, walks, talks, books, films and squishing my soft belly! He's obliged with a few poses over the recent weeks to model pjs in different styles.

favourite ones and best for jumping on mama's bed

even pirate pajamas don't stop you from doing important stuff around the house as a workman

cheese and here's to a pajama party!


  1. Hi there-what a cutie, I love that age! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy Valentines day!!

  2. How fun! I want some pjs like the pirate ones! Le petit garcon is growing up fast wow!

    have a great weekend,

  3. Fabulous Beastly. I may send him my Valentine's card this year.....

  4. He's so adorable, I want to bite him! What a sweetie pie.

  5. well done, petit garcon, excellent pajama party blogging!

  6. COP OUT!
    you are supposed to wear the pjs Makey Do.
    Yeah yeah cute kid and all that. xx

  7. Does he need a babysitter? I am semi-qualified and more than eager!

  8. Love petit garcon photographic updates, ta! xx

  9. That little guy is very, very cute, no matter what pjs he's wearing!

  10.; You saved my day again.


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