Thursday, 12 February 2009

What a week and it's not even the weekend!

Blimey! I'm feeling like an extra in Star Trek seemingly to be in the midst of a warp factor 9 situation and also in need of Scotty and his 'beam me up' magic. Now this is partly all your fault!! What you say? Well thanks to the wonderful world that is the blogosphere I've achieved a questionnaire response that MORI dreams of. Seriously, you've made me very happy and very informed. I will of course publish my essay, thanks to your contribution, because it should be quite interesting - I hope.
Also, after all the snow, rain and cold it was a joy to have a moment of spectacular sunshine today as I walked over the Hungerford footbridge. The view of the Thames and the city skyline was glorious. I'm only sorry I didn't have a proper camera and only my blackberry to capture the moment.

The view is closer than this perspective as the camera facility on the crackberry is limited. It does show how high the Thames was and there was concern that it might burst its banks.

My journey was to college via Paul Smith in Covent Garden to purchase Mr MDS his Valentine present. Except they were out of the very cuff links they were promoting for Valentine's day or more accurately they had two pairs. Now I might be wrong but I only consider the day before or on the day as last minute And...surely you want to have stock to meet potential demand. Anyway, I sort of felt slightly exasperated by the Floral Street branch of Paul Smith (isn't it his main shop?) due to shop assistant and the Manager's answers to my probing retail questions. Really I don't want to hear that the concessions store in Selfridges is separate or that the Internet outlet is based in Nottingham and nothing to do with the store in Covent Garden. Yes the manager was offering to try and get me the purple pair I coveted for Mr MDS but I'm more than capable of tinternetting myself or calling them.

Honestly when are stores going to get customer savvy. Did I mention they don't open now until 10:30am! Luckily I could nip to Central College St Martins before returning to Paul Smith on my fruitless journey. Well actually it wasn't exactly fruitless because in the midst of my foot stomping I want purple heart cuff links moment, I spied some rather fetching vintage numbers. The first pair I admired broke - yep properly broke but not my fault, phew. So I settled for my second choice. Apparently they are from New York, fingers crossed Mr MDS is up for 70s old school numbers!

Then I spied the lovely Rob Ryan cards on sale. I'm sure they were strategically placed for men to buy for their other half but I went for style over appropriateness.

Again another crackberry photo but you get the gist. Paul Smith wasn't a complete let down but I'm beginning to wonder why people really don't get proper customer service. They were nice but I dunno something ain't right. I also had a cheeky peek at Cos and lost a sliver of my fashion heart to a few items. Damn you Cos - it will be my undoing!

Then... oh joy of joy I did VERY well in my film essay and this was on top of doing very well in my fashion consumption unit essay too. I had to laugh at my tutor on Monday as she said I must have been a good undergraduate student. I had to fess up to being more of a social butterfly than a bookworm. I phoned my mother to tell her my marks prefaced by 'this is like being at school but you know I'm not because I'd have never phoned you about school marks.' My poor parents, at last, after years of school reports for 3 daughters suggesting if we applied ourselves, a result!

PS I'm kind of up to my eyes in it and am really sorry I'm not really commenting at the moment on all the lovely blogs or responding to comments. I'm taking quick peeks and will try to as much as poss. Apologies in advance. I do mind about floundering in my duties!


  1. Hi there-So pleased you are doing very well at college, thats fantastic news and must keep you motivated I'm sure! Mr MDS is very lucky, hope he likes his present after all the effort you've put in to getting it!!

  2. Sahron Rose - most of my effort went into pouting lips, annoyed dramatics!

  3. Oh, I hear you about crappy customer service in London. They just don't get it, do they?

    Glad you got his present sorted in the end. xx

    p.s. I wrote about that Rob Ryan card in Time Out this week!

  4. Good work on the essays, sounds like it's going really well and how gorgeous are Rob Ryan cards? He has a little shop somewhere near brick lane, I'm sure and it has loads of prints and paper cuts!

  5. Re store hours, when I can't sleep at 3 a.m. I always think, "Why isn't Bergdorfs open?" The website isn't the same.

  6. Congrats on your high marks! (Good grades, around these parts.)

  7. Great picture! I love the see the city from far away...

  8. Glad your doing well! I'm so jealous, I want to be back in London so badly!

  9. Crackberry pics come out not so shabby!

    I miss London, even with the crap service xoxo

  10. So glad you are doing very well at college :)

    And TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. That sounds like quite an adventure!

    I don't know what's happened to customer service. I think it's really rich that stores open at 10:30. You'd think they'd be open all hours to get the trade in.


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