Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Why pay full price?

I popped into Kingston TK Maxx lat week and flicking through the rails found a great Dolce & Gabbana jacket reduced from £790 to £230 - no I didn't buy but it is about time I reminded you of the great bargains and items they sell! If you don't want to undertake random pop ins to the store you can sign up for alerts of new deliveries.


  1. Hi there-we have one locally and one in Romford, my eldest son got a great deal on Sunday-an Adidas messenger bag for £6.99. I love how you see different things in different branches.

  2. I love stores like this! You can find such great stuff. I found a juicy jacket for 50...orig 400!!!


  3. OK Kate, maybe you know. Why TK in Britain and TJ in America? So weird!

  4. ^^I always have a chuckle about this. I never shop at T.J., even though there's one within a stone's throw of me.

  5. Hello!

    I found my best ever purchase at TKMax in Ealing. While rooting through the jeans and many pastel sweaters I stumbled across a PRADA DRESS. And it was the right colour, the right size . . I swear to God I had tears in my eyes. I tried it on and felt corseted, cosseted and a million quid. Every time I wear it I feel like a supermodel (and I ain't no supermodel) - especially as I paid £120 for it and it retailed at £700!!!

    PS: If you don't already know I was led to your lovely blog by India Knight's recommendation in her book: The Thrift Book.


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