Sunday, 1 February 2009

No really...

...I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night other than read your blog posts and write some of my own. After a full on week, college, petit garcon, teaching at the NHJ Style Academy and styling a model on Friday for her test shots plus a Saturday shopping session for a client - it is blog or bed! Oh and did I mention a visit to the final week of the Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery on Wednesday morning before lecturers.

So, when Sharon Rose tagged me to reveal the fourth picture in the fourth folder, I thought great that's Sunday's blog post sorted! Tiredness makes one lazy.... What you do is, go to the fourth folder on your computer where you keep your photographs, choose the fourth picture, explain it and tag four other people.

My fourth folder is my new decorating folder with samples and ideas. This picture is a wallpaper from Cole & Son.

I'm thinking of putting this on one of the landing walls which is very high and we are going to put lots of framed photos on a dramatic wallpaper. I'm waiting for the sample along with many others to put on the wall to select.

I dutifully or annoyingly tag:-
Fabulous Frocks and Fashion Disasters
Siljes Fashion
Sorting it Out
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  1. Hi there-yes, I like the wallpaper very much, I knew you would have interesting photo folders, thats why I tagged you!

  2. What a great idea, I love that wallpaper!! Thanks for the tag!

  3. Oh no I never went to the Annie Leibovitz exhibition. Too late now. Was it good?

  4. I do love that wallpaper. I would probably stare at it all day :-) Lovely blog!

  5. I just did the same tag from Sharon! Love the wallpaper :)


  6. Hey,

    Love your blog. Would you be interested in exchanging blog links?

    My blog is called T-shirt and Tails and offers an insight in to the worlds of fashion, style and beauty.

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  7. Consider yourself linked also.

    Love the concept of your blog being about style on a budget - I'm completely with you on thrifty finds and making your own.


  8. That's quite amazing wallpaper my dear.

  9. Oh you saw an Annie Leibovitz show? I've loved her work ever since i saw the documentary 'life through a lens' - if you haven't seen it you should, its great!!

  10. Thanks!!! I adore that wall paper, so diferent and stylish!!! I'd love to see a pic of the wall once you've put it on!


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