Wednesday, 7 April 2010

All Change on the wardrobe front

I was not as diligent as I could have been on the wardrobe sort out. I have to confess to not cleaning my winter boots and shoes before putting away. This will haunt me so by this time next week I know they'll be polished and buffed! Equally I just hung everything up and refolded items instead of ironing. The changeable weather plus 'wimmin things' sapped me of my usual energy.

My Spring/Summer wardrobe looks neither glamorous or fashion forward but it will have to do. I need to save for a splendid pair of shoes and stay on track for debt payback. I'm very glad of my mother's 70 maxi dress hand me downs and apart from the ruination of my Gap chinos, most of my clobber can be made to look current or at least conjure a nod to the trends!

Before (note all year round stripy top)

More before on right side of wardrobe, before sort out

I swapped my winter coat for a Spring layered look of white top, metallic light blue cardigan, navy utilitarian chic jacket, long silver necklace, RayBan's and stripy cotton scarf plus skinny kick flare jeans - I was only going shopping to the supermarket to get hot cross buns!

Footwear was white moccasin shoes from a KG sale years ago, I will cry when these fall apart. I'm hoping they will last this summer

I chucked my chinos, very worn and too many marks on them now plus my faithfully snood I've worn for 6 months on a daily basis!

All summer dresses, skirts and tops

T-shirts stacked and summer jackets, White Bamford jacket, Navy Utilitarian jacket, Stripy Max Mara jacket, Mango sports wear jacket, Gold dress coat and mint green Jean Patou coat - plus a petit garcon making an appearance

Summer shoes being part hidden by maxi dress. A mix of strappy sandals, wedges and lots of lovely flats.
My favourite mesh flats bought in Russell & Bromley over 5 years ago they are I think Beverly Feldman for Russell & Bromley but the inside name is nearly worn out!
I bought these in Copenhagen in 2004 and have hardly worn them so I intend to use a lot this summer as they are so pretty
I like the material pattern but think the dress from COS is a bit too shapeless and minimalist Scandinavian chic for me to pull off so I might turn it into a top but then I need my perfect black Capri pants which I've yet to find!

The shapeless dress

My favourite Prada bag, perfect for summer - I love when Miuccia sources old prints. I'd buy one of her beach scene skirts this year if I could. I still kick myself for not buying a Prada turban a few years ago in a fuchsia or blue

The wild card - I bought this after a few drinks on honeymoon in Rome in the evening market in the Jewish Ghetto quarter and Trastevere. It is a hand knitted poncho (shall we say cape to sound more on trend) and I'm going to give it a go one day!


  1. Stripes feature year-round for me too. I love this insight into the way you wear your clothes. It has urged me to do the same.

  2. I love your green poncho !! The colour is amazing. I am another Breton top fan, Kate one suggestion, I bought these for my wardrobe and could not live without now some clear plastic shoe boxes I got mine from Viva La Diva and they stack so your shoes stay clean and you can see what you have got xx

  3. Wow you are all sorted for the season ahead. I must shop from my wardrobe too. Note to self - I must sort out my SS10 wardrobe too and banish the black opaques - that's after I sort my legs out.

  4. So organised! Crumbs, I haven't even thought about packing away all my winter woolies just yet. Suppose I should get a move on.

  5. I'm very impressed! Unfortunately living in a tiny flat means there's no space for packing away a winter wardrobe for a summer one but I do feel inspired to go through it all again and perhaps prioritise it.

    I am also very inspired by the lovely patterns you have in your wardrobe. I run fleeing from pattern and mostly wear plain colours, without interesting accessories even. Something for me to aspire to!

  6. Impressed and guilty - I should have done this myself! Also, I love your white KG mocassins x

  7. The Small Fabric of my Life - thank you, although I have to confess I'd love some money to buy new things!

    Wildernesschic - it is on my to do list now, after all my other wants!

    teawithonesugarplease - I needed to have a change, although it doesn't feel very fresh but we'll see. My legs also need sorting out!

    Alex - come on it has to be done!

    Wife in the City - I just pack everything away in a cotton bag (one is in the photos above) I've got three but only use two. It does help to remove winter items.

    Tor - see response to Alex's comment!

  8. Weird! Rich and I sorted out our wardrobes on Easter Monday but due to the fact i spotted a moth and started having a panic that clothes would be destroyed.. Nothing was but i cleared out soooo much stuff it felt fab! Looks like you had fun and found a few gems!

  9. Nice work. Like Marie we have a huge lack of storage space and therefore my wardrobe is always the same. Gradually as the weather gets warmer more Summery items come to the top of the pile or the front and the Winter woollies slowly make their way to the bottom or back!

  10. I love your Hot cross bun sourcing outfit and I want that frog green poncho. Make Do Kate, how do you stop yourself buying new clobber? Are you particularly strong willed and disciplined? Do you embrace shopping over the net? I really am trying your no fritter thingamy but I keep spying nice stuff. Is the secret not to even look?

  11. Faux fuchsia - well I'm pretty penniless, mainly working to keep head above water. If I had a salary then I'm sure I be buying things. If you really don't want to spend then yes don't look, keep busy, run don't walk!

  12. The poncho MUST BE WORN!!!!!!



  13. Hi there-wow, you've done amazingly well sorting through your wardrobe and an ideal Spring outfit, which looks chic and stylish. I'm loving your Prada bag and would love to see the top which you will make from the dress!!

  14. Stacy at taffetadarlings is wearing white shoes in her post today too. I'm feeling that.

  15. I am so impressed by how tidy and organised your wardrobe is - even after my big sort out mine is still a mess.

  16. Such a lot of personality-packed pieces!

  17. I see some orange sandals in the back of your closet that I would love to see close up. Love the photo of you. You look so effortlessly rock star chic.

  18. what a delightful bag, and I love the Russell and Bromley shoes too. Very chic. x

  19. Love this post. I haven't done mine yet though, still too cold!

  20. Oh I find it so difficult to sort my wardrobe. I should just ditch everything at the back as I usually only wear the stuff at the front. But then I always think...well you never know

  21. Talk about organized !
    I have to say I find that dress you call "shapeless" amazinggggg!

  22. I've just started to pack away my winter wardrobe and reviewing my summer stockpile of t-shirts, sandals etc. You've given me some inspiration on what I need to keep or reviving old outfits. Pictures please when the poncho has its first outing, I absolutely love the colour!

  23. Kate I really loved this post, is it just me or does anyone else love a snoop at other peoples things LOL! Ah the Prada turban I totally wish I had got one too, I have been keeping an eye out for one on ebay to no avail. Aloso your Prada bag is so gorg!!! I am currently half way through my swap over, I got fed up and now there is just a huge mess!


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