Thursday, 3 March 2011

A bad girl's guide to buying - part one

When I embarked on my style challenge it was with the knowledge of having a budget of only £100 a month. I was extremely joyful when out of my beret I pulled the designer category.

In my head it gave me exciting options to recreate looks and really work my wardrobe well. At first I felt the opportunities were endless because if you look factually at the range of options to buy designer then The Outnet, eBay, TK Maxx and charity shops plus car boot sales then you can do it all within a reasonable budget.

At first I was flush with success, a Valentino skirt, (The Outnet) a Calvin Klein dress and a Pringle jumper (TK Maxx). All 3 have been wonderful and yes I will get round to posting 5 ways to wear one skirt but I'm enlisting a photographer for the shoot as it requires more than bedroom posing!

Then of course I fell off the wagon with a mad frenzy on one Saturday in late January in the high street stores. It was like being let lose in a sweetie shop. I got completely carried away but I did buy a blouse from H&M which is a winner, a pleated skirt from Topshop which I love but if I'm honest it is rubbish quality and won't last 2 minutes, plus some sale shoes for £14 in Zara which I have worn as going out shoes three times now and I love them.

After that I abandoned all attempts to stick to the challenge, it seemed utterly pointless but then when bad girl's fall they do it big style! I did buy a top from Zara which then was returned because the material was damaged and I hadn't noticed. It was £39.99 so it had to go back. You can't wear something once, realise it is damaged and then think it is ok not to return the item. Luckily Zara were marvellous and completely agreed with me.

So now I'm back to re-evaluating my buying strategy. I always have a plan. Styling has made me ultra organised and I plan outfits, how my wardrobe works and what to buy and why.

Suddenly as I wave bye bye to styling, not only do I feel a huge weight off my shoulders regarding the incompatibility of the work with my parental responsibilities, I feel quite liberated in terms of what to buy and why.

I feel as if I'm going to be dressing purely for me. Which sounds silly as I've always worn what I like but I've equally felt the pressure to exude a notion of what people are buying off me and have dressed accordingly.

I'm good at putting on a performance with my selection of clothes and I thoroughly enjoy working a look but now I'm going to be buying purely for pleasure. It is a different angle for selecting and buying.

I will reveal as I buy...


  1. It doesn't sound silly at all - you must have had to project a certain image whilst styling and I can see how that might restrict your natural choices sometimes.

    Looking forward to seeing your next purchases.

    ps - disappointing news about the Topshop skirt! It looked lovely - shame it's such shoddy material.

  2. Alex - I know it is so sheer it pulls merely by looking at it! Too thin and gets static electric all the time. Still is was and is fun but a reminded to me on quality!

  3. I can totally empathise with the dressing to exude a certain image. If you're styling people I imagine the'd feel more comfortable with someone wearing conventional fashion rather than anything either classic or outrageous.
    I'm glad that you are free to be whoever you want to be, now.
    £39.99? I don't think I've ever spent that much on an item of clothing and if I did I'd expect top quality. xxx

  4. Can't wait to see the five ways with one skirt post, get that photographer booked!

  5. Sounds like a plan, Kate. I made £100 on eBay, decided to buy something(s) I actually like...and daren't buy anything now! May have to cast my eyes back over some of your posts for tips...

    ps - I'm with you on Anna Wintour!

  6. It was a good challenge, I remember you takling about all three of those items... I'm sorry you fell out of it, but hey you can always keep going! :) I love to see your style pictures, becaseu, well, um you've got style :P haha!

  7. I too fell off the wagon. I bought a couple of sub-par pieces from Jcrew and now I am having buyers remorse. I need to really wait for love to find me, when it comes to buying. That said, I can't wear that one black dress that I love everyday.xo

  8. Glad that you now feel free to wear what you want to. I've not seen you wearing anything that did not look stylish and smart!

    Pity about the skirt, but these things happen.

    looking forward to reading about more adventures in clothes!


  9. Dear Kate, can't wait to see what you buy. I have had a few mad half hours recently where I've left bids on Ebay and the next day thought "Why the hell have I bought THAT?"

    Hope you're having a good week xx

  10. Hi my dear-yes, can't wait to see future 'you' purchases and what a shame the Topshop skirt is not very good quality. Will enjoy seeing the Valentino skirt worked 5 ways xxx

  11. Saw your comment on Penny Dreadful, awesome blog, now following!!


  12. "After that I abandoned all attempts to stick to the challenge, it seemed utterly pointless ..."

    LOL, that's classic falling off the wagon thinking!

  13. Hehe, well I'm with you on the ditching the challenge. Rules are made to be broken! xx

  14. I do like how you didnt fall but hurl yourself from the wagon he he! The callenge was fun but at the end of the day pointless if it isn't working for you. I am so sick of highstreet shod though I have to admit, I am really only interested in the odd staple such as leggings etc.


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