Sunday, 13 March 2011

People first

It is hard to blog about anything as the continued crisis of quakes, tsunami and the aftermath continues in Japan.

image: BBCi

We do all have to go about our daily lives but it doesn't take a minute to make a donation and forgo one fashion purchase or beauty product to help via the British Red Cross

Mr MDS woefully pointed out when told to make a donation that Japan wasn't a third world country. I stressed that everyone needed help in times of such magnitude! And it is true, none of us could anticipate such events. As BHB pointed out, no one is immune in the Pacific Ring of Fire.


  1. Too true. Every little helps & I've already donated. It's awful, it really makes one put the little niggles we have into perspective. xxx

  2. many thoughts and prayers for everyone affected by the quake. so terrible.

  3. Dear Kate, it's shocking what's happened in that part of the world recently, especially Japan. I shall definitely be making a donation xx

  4. Its awful Kate, I've just been watching the news and crying. All those people. xx

  5. Hi Kate-Its so tragic and I'll be making a donation, so so sad indeed.

  6. I cannot imagine the sheer terror of seeing that water and no way of escape. Thanks for sharing the link to make a donation xx

  7. It is so difficult to blog about fashion and non essential consumer products after watching such destruction.

    As Mr MDS said Japan is not a 3rd world country, even so mother nature does not discriminate when it comes to wreaking havoc. From the most destitute in Haiti to the wealthiest in Japan. The suffering is the same.
    Perhaps the message that we should take from this is not so much making the donation as how we can shore up our own lives so that if a natural disaster occurs in our own environment, we can be prepared to help ourselves and be able to offer help to our neighbors.

  8. What a terrible situation!!! We in these Islands where those things can happen usually have mixed feelings. Sorry for the ones that suffer and relief for not be our time.
    My prayers and thoughts are with Japan and that's such a nice thing you're doing calling attention for the donations.

    Have a nice working week, dear.

  9. As I am Japanese and also one of the big fan of your Blog,I would like to say thank you very much for your concern about Japan.

    Taro Hakase, the most famous Japanese violinist has a mini concert tomorrow 14th of March 17:30 at London Mitsukoshi, Piccadilly. The fundraised money will all be donated to Japan Tsunami Appeal through British Red Cross.

    If you and your blog readers live in London, please support Japan and have a great evening on 14th March from 17:30.

    Looking forward to reading your great post.

  10. I will be donating.

    My sis is going out to help some friends re-build etc'. I'm really worried what with the power station etc!! :( By the time she's out there, I guess aftershocks will be much reduced and the coolent arrived from the USA (or they wouldn't be flying civs in there) and I think she's in Tokyo anyhoo. But I can't help but worry!

  11. The scary part is that they were probably the best prepared country in the world and look at the scale of the devastion anyway.

    I've sent some money to Shelterbox.


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