Friday, 18 March 2011

Film, Fashion & Consumption

Normally Friday is all about the fun factor, the weekend is upon us and our hair is being let down. However this Friday is about Film & Fashion and how they affect patterns of consumer culture.

Look at any fashion blog and read any interview with a designer and there will be a cinematic reference. Belle De jour, Breakfast at Tiffany's are the obvious ones, my personal favourite is L'eclisse. You will have your own!

Now I don't expect you all to be rushing out to dive headlong in to academic discourse on this subject matter but if you are a film or fashion student or you are looking for something more meaty and less about dictators or bankers wives than Vogue then Film, Fashion & Consumption (Intellect Press) is for you. Less pretty pictures more words, it will challenge your grey cells and absorb you in the trappings of cultural capital.

The journal is edited by Pamela Church Gibson from the London College of Fashion and the associate editors are Hollywood Catwalk author Tamar Jeffers McDonald and Central College St Martin's Alastair O'Neill.

Belle de jour (1967)

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

L'eclisse (1962)


  1. Oh this sounds really interesting, I'm due a new book. Thanks!

  2. Ah, sounds interesting but the book looks a tad too academic, and I swore that once I finish my degree books (which I'm in the midst of wrtiting) never again am I touching an academic book :P haa.. but maybe i'm wrong?

  3. Dear Kate, I love the costumes in all these films.

    Thanks so much for the dyeing tips. You are the expert. I missed John Lewis as had to rush back but I'll get it next week. I might have to ring you. Have a great weekend xx

  4. Can't wait to try some new hair styles. Having long hair can be such an annoyance! Lovely blog!


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