Friday, 11 March 2011

The best things in life are free..

..Well, mainly don't cost much. Now allowing for some magnetic displacement due to barefoot walking plus the fact I have been bored witless by twitter and fashion #nyfw #lfw #mfw #pfw tweets (though I will except Hilary Alexander & Times Fashion from this, for good factual stuff and some hilarious, droll tweets) the following post is a shocker! Yes stop press Mrs MDS went out with a ton (£100 in proper English) and came back with ...a ton. The money in question was 'neutral' earned from ebay sales and I have had my eye on a few things so I wanted to buy.

After my Topshop pleated skirt debacle, nice skirt dreadful quality, I feel compelled to get the perfect pleated skirt to last me for ever. The Whistles midi one in taupe is enough of a maybe Chloe number for me to covert. However, it is sold out but hurrah I'm on a wait list. The last wait list I was on was the Anya Hindmarch 'I'm not a plastic bag' - gosh nostalgic times hey!

My old LCF chums and I met to have a bite to eat in our usual, Carluccio's St Christopher's Place. Why change from a winning formula, all though I did surprise by breaking away from my usual of ravioli or pasta con fungi. I never knew I had the ability to go off piste when ordering. All these things are amounting to change and are worrying me.

After we dispensed with retail, styling and things that have gone wrong on a commercial video shoot gossip we nipped in to Reiss on Barrett St as they had free champagne and 10% off evening. Lie down for this one....I didn't even lift a glass of champagne to my lips. Then I tried on my two items from Reiss on my summer clothes list and was over them the moment I had the satisfaction of the look staring back at me from the mirror. It was incredible, my magpie instincts have been cured. All I need to do is try the items on in the shop, admire for a moment and then hand then back. It is a genius cure for which there is no explanation other than all my efforts to truly make do over the last 5 years have finally culminated and the result is A++. I feel like I have graduated from something in to a secret club. A club where wisdom rules over fashion. It is as if I have Diana Veerland on my shoulders whispering things in my head like ' The only real elegance is in the mind; if you've got that, the rest really comes from it'. Or when she famously told Maria Helvin not to drink champagne as it would give her fat hips!

It was true I went home lighter, no champagne bubbles on my hips and no unnecessary bag and only my purse was still heavy with folding.

I'm sure it is due to following my hearts desire of writing and not struggling with a job I find easy and am good at but have no passion for (well, any more/currently). I've also had the joy of being able to pick up the petit garcon from school and spend time with him in a way I'd never have imagined. Because until now it has been rush, rush, rush in all areas. I actually got to make pancakes this year and they were delicious. I've also got the dog to look after again and seeing sunrises at 6am are a new factor. The dog wakes me up to take him out for a walk! I suppose some know it all would say it is all about getting your balance right in life, but you know I like the thought of finding your own rhythm as a better metaphor. Balance suggests order and superiority. I'd like to think I can go 'crazy', be hedonistic, have fun and not think of myself 'knowing' better than others as we all want things, spend money we shouldn't, do things we shouldn't and have regrets, that's life.

American pancake with blueberries & ice cream, the petit garcon is horrified by good old fashioned pancakes with lemon and sugar, I blame that Jamie Oliver!

And as I was on the train home I had the misfortune to read about one of the girls who I used to see at LCF who graduated when I did, she was an undergraduate, had died in tragic circumstances of the party sort when drugs and drink are involved after London Fashion Week and I thought actually Diana Veerland was a wise old bird, she is not a bad voice to have nagging me.

When I got home I opened my wardrobe and said 'hello friends' as I'm going to make the most of them and save my pennies for another day, even a rainy one.


  1. It's so nice to hear you so happy! So sad about that girl, I read that yesterday. If that isn't enough to make you content with what you have, plus what's going on in Japan, then I don't know what can.

    I saw some pleated culottes in Topshop (in Kingston!) yesterday and was in turn both horrified and somewhat tempted to go and try them on...

  2. Miss Peelpants - you were in my hood! I know I'm in love with pleats but trust me spare yourself the annoyance of how easily they will snag and how much electric shocks you will get from topshop pleated anything! xx

  3. What a lovely post. You are very right. I hope you're life continues in a similar vein. Nice to hear good news in these times.

  4. I'm so happy for you, you've made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Those pictures of the Petit Garcon and the dog are far more fabulous than any London Fashion week shots. xxx

  5. The photo of PG and dog is one of the nicest things I've seen in ages - so adorable and happy. And I don't even like kids or dogs!

    I am SO impressed by your ability not to buy anything, but possibly more so by your refusal of free champagne. I didn't know if was possible to refuse free alcohol ;-)

    I do find myself getting more fussy and refusing to buy things as I get older and savvier. I can't claim this is due to wisdom though. I'm just tight and won't pay over the top for shoddy crap.

  6. Youknow I think you are right about the trying on of things, last shoppng trip I went I came away with a pair of tights as I had just had so much fun trying things on with the girls that, that was enough. (That of course was second to last shopping trip because actually the last one included a VW binge and that ruined my point) :-)

  7. Hi my dear-sounds like you're in the right place at this moment of time, buying clothes because we think we need/want them when in fact we really don't is such a lightbulb moment when the reality sets in, well done for not succumbing and enjoying the real things that matter-the petit garcon, your little cannine friend and yummy pancakes xxx

  8. How sad about the girl you graduated with.

    For the rest, sometimes when I want a shopping 'fix' I go into Boots and spend ages choosing a new shower gel for myself or some other similar necessity. It still feels like you are treating yourself, but it is pennies and something actually necessary xx

  9. What a lovely post. Good to read you've turned your work-life balance into a good one and you csn enjoy your family so much. Nothing more precious than that.

  10. It's a good feeling to put the dress down and walk away, isn't it? Interesting point about the reduced need to shop/buy once there is more balance in life. Lots of food for thought there.

    Petite garcon is adorable with his doggie!

  11. This is a wonderful post in every way. When you're happy, I'm happy.

  12. I actually haven't been proper shopping for ages, everything has been on line for well over a year now. I also have some money from ebay sales, but have yet to decide on what to buy, still waiting for the Michael Kors sandals to come back in, in my size!


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