Friday, 29 August 2008

All things updated!

Ages and ages ago I ran a style makeover comp and I'm off to Birmingham today to meet with Rachel and it should be fun! Here's a few pics of before and I'll take ones as we go along to post over weekend. The first photo is a party dress pic and the second is a wedding outfit. Rachel is from New Zealand and was working in Australia before arriving in West Wales - the purpose of the make over is to UK (ise) her, style wise!

Plus I reached a decision about my bag, you would not believe how many satchels I examined on ebay or how many I spotted in the streets of London apres my post. Why even in Topshop I saw a satchelesque bag in tan and brown.

However, I had a make do style eureka moment when I combined all the comments and all my thoughts into a bubble, comic style and came up with a solution. I'm going to use my Gucci shopper. I figured it was a good size for bags, not too heavy to start with (thank you Savvy Mode for your top tip regarding leather bags and books being too heavy), it was also sitting gathering dust in it's dust bag because I was saving it best? I need a bag for two days a week to take books and one notebook in plus a few other items so why spend the cash when I've got a lovely bag that needs to be used.

Which means the brilliant Skylark and Son gifted me a new charge card for nowt!

But.. if it was the real McCoy then I'd spend it on these....I still love these little critters! In a twist of tagging you can pinch my card and exhibit your one blow the budget wear!


  1. Hi kate-have a wonderful weekend, it sounds like a lot of fun!! Why is it we never think of what we have already-it seems so obvious, but this is something I wouldn't think of until ages after!!

  2. Those shoes are so beautiful aren't they? Good work on the satchel substitution!

  3. Wow love the shoes! Hope that you have a nice week-end, the style makeover sounds great!

    Bonne journée!

    Mademoiselle M.

  4. Are those Carrie's shoes?
    I'm really excited to see this style makeover!

  5. the blue shoe looks familar hmmm
    Jimmy Choo or Manalo Blahnik?

  6. love the blue shoes! Have a great weekend!

  7. We have to learn not to save things for best! I'm now afraid to die, because someone will find all the stuff I was saving for best and say, "God, what was wrong with her?!"

  8. Brilliant! You save money, and bring out your excellent bag!

    Those blue shoes are superb. Maybe with the money you saved, you can get those . . . .

  9. Sharon- Rose - can you believe how much time and energy went into the solution and there under my nose....
    Coco & Fashion assist - yep Carrie's Manalo Blahnik numbers. I love a bit of panto - the diamante square says cinderella you shall go to the ball!
    Sister Wolf - yep you've alerted me to the fact I need live life to the full and on the edge!
    Enc - yeah right the alloted ebay fund of £20 will buy me oh 1/32 of the shoe!

  10. OK! I'm playing catch up and trying not to spoil the make-over surprise! Thanks for sticking with my while I was in Melbourne (with sporadic net access).xxx


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