Sunday, 17 August 2008

Favourtie things...

Cricket. My confession to a private passion is cricket. I've always loved cricket and I even badgered my way into the boys cricket team at school. I wasn't allowed to play in competition matches just friendlies.

My favourite occupation is a day at the Oval watching Surrey play and when I can get them test match tickets. Suddenly this closet and covert indulgence is being pushed to the fore with a resurgence in cricket clothing, more specifically cricket jumpers.

With the release of Brideshead Revisited in the States this weekend expect a keen interest in cable knits and fair isle numbers. For girls that want one now then pop into John Lewis childrens wear and get a reasonably priced one to customise.

For the genuine fashion number try Ralph Lauren, Gant or cricket specialist wear in sports shops or on line.


  1. I've had a soft spot for the cricket clothes for a few years now. I can't last long watching the matches, as they can go on for ages, but I do admire everyone's sharp, clean looks!

  2. Hi kate-I bought Christopher an authentic one that I found thrifting in Autumn last year!! If they really come into trend, then mum will just have to 'borrow' it!!

  3. What about those lovely brightly coloured polyester tracksuit things they wear for the 20/20 and One dayers?

    Cricket gear here in Australia just doesn't have those cable knit vests and elegant associations, since it's played in the middle of summer when it's a million degrees!

  4. I've seen cricket on TV. It something with the bat and ball and guys running around but I have no idea what is happening. After this post I want to know more so next time it's on TV I'll pay closer attention! :-)


  5. my boyfriend use to play cricket, he still has his bat. I never understood it though...

  6. Enc - the matches last for days and it's great whiling away time with no effort. Sadly petit garcon puts paid to complete indulgence but he's a willing accomplice.

    Sharon-Rose - perfect!

    Skye - will skip the nasty nylon numbers. The Aussie boys always wear their jumpers in UK even in our summer!

    Style du Monde - I wish I could encourage you to pay closer attention but really I'm a sad sporty person - you are not missing much!

    Jen - don't worry about it I need you to be focused on the blog to entertain me. Keep those Rumer digs coming!


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