Friday, 22 August 2008

A week in the life of...part 2

Wednesday 20th - Dropped the petit garcon off at nursery, and met a fellow stylist for coffee to talk new season and fashion assistants. Put cheques in bank and other mundane things like posting my Career Development Loan form for my MA course.. Also had to check out store's stock for my shop tomorrow with client. Picked up the garcon from nursery to find out he'd been hopeless with his potty training. Once again became mad mother and made him use potty at train station before thinking 's*d it' and putting a nappy on him. Got to Canary Wharf in one piece with pram and picnic to watch the Garden Opera company

The performance was Donzetti's Don Pasquale at Jubilee Park, Canary Wharf. The performance had tremendous costumes from the 70s - the real deal. I'd like to take credit but despite having styled the manager I'd had no input on the choice of costume. If only I'd had a proper camera you'd be treated to sartorial elegance circa 1974.

The only damp squid was the weather which decided to pour forth in the second half so I missed the finale. It is worth going to and is a great introduction to opera if you've not been. The next performance in London is on Monday 25th of August at Greenwich Park but it tours round UK until end of September.

Got bag ready for tomorrow's shop and early start, fell into bed.

Thursday 21st - A personal shopping session for one of my contracts. Hard work at beginning of season because stock levels are variable. Early finish so off to Austin Reed PR team to pick up samples for my fashion talk on Saturday. Back home to sort out household before driving off to Bristol ready for Friday's personal styling session.


  1. Wow-what a hectic week, hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  2. I love reading about your very full life.

  3. Don't worry 'bout Petit -- he'll get it.

  4. oh, this looks so lovely. i'm a sucker for intimate performances!

    sadly, i'll miss it though as i'm back in london (after being home in bristol for the bank holiday, funnily enough..) which is a shame as it sounds great.

    what exactly are you doing in bristol?

  5. I land on the 9th
    i can't wait for the sightseeing and shopping!!!

  6. Toilet training is one of the most stressful events in a mothers life! The Garden Opera Company looks fantastic, will you get to go back to see the finale?

  7. and on that note I can head off to bed and sleep for the both of us!


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