Sunday, 3 August 2008

Weekend wanderings and wondering

On Friday night we decamped to Bath so Papa to petit garcon could take part in a golf tournament the next day in Wales. Yeah don't ask. Golf doesn't even feature in my top 100 things to do. The petit garcon and I amused ourselves with visiting relatives and being dressed up. Well obviously the dressing up was my call. I decided to channel Anna Wintour sporting a white shirt, floral puffball(ish) skirt and white moccasins (ok Anna would have had a nice pair of Prada courts), with the petit garcon attired in a gorgeous Gap kids pink gingham(ish) short sleeved shirt and Boden shorts with red Converse trainers.

It's a shame I wasn't vain enough to force someone to take our picture because I had a really pleasant day due to making the effort. I felt quite glam and grown up and truly a Mama, why even my Pa commented on my lovely skirt ( a Toast £20 bargain). Will this set a new direction for me? I just feel I want to drop jeans and a few other weekend staple as the dress de jour.

Sometimes its inspiring to move away from the comfortable and familiar and sometimes you chance upon the inspiring. I decided to have a couple of hours browsing the shops in Bath. I went early as they wouldn't be open until 11am as I like window shopping and peering in. I like imagining the possibilities!

Anyway some bright spark had decided to get businesses to sponsor sculptures of sorts. These were truly brilliant and charming little numbers - PIGS. Lots of different pigs dotted around Bath's city centre.

I was so glad I had my crackberry with me - I was sans bag so I could capture the little critters. The blue pig is Pygmalion and he or she was sponsored by the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The white pig - I have no idea who sponsored it, as it was hard enough taking a picture, it was outside Gap and attracting lots of attention.

However my favourite was Disco Pig who sat majestically on top of scaffolding covered in faux green grass arising from the basement courtyard of a splendid Georgian property.

I loved the pigs so much I forgot all about browsing the inside of shops and skipped back to the in-laws house very amused and as happy as a pig in sh**.


  1. LOL-a pig in stylish sh**-don't forget, stylish mama!! So pleased you had a lovely day-a different outfit in a different place really does lift the spirits!! Shame we didn't get to see your outfit, I do agree though, its lovely to give jeans a few days off!

  2. Such happy pigs... and I'm not saying that in a Fergus 'I'm going to spitroast you' Henderson kind of way....

  3. Oh I love pigs and these are adorable! I totally know what you mean by feeling vain for having someone take your picture..I feel the exact same way.

    x Grayburn

  4. Great sculptures, love it when city's put in the effort and do things like this, it really does brighten your day.

  5. I like seeing pigs too. I was somewhere recently where they had bears -- not as cute.

  6. Love the pigs! Wish you had a photo of your outfit, it sounded tres chic!

  7. Ahh wee piggies! I'd want to compulsively rub their noses. For good luck. xx

  8. Wow, look at all the great photos in this post! ;)

    I love the pigs.

  9. This reminds me of Florence a couple of years ago. They had full size cows in the strangest of colours and patterns, in odd spots all over the city...made for some very interesting photos...


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