Friday, 8 August 2008

Fashion Focus - part 1

After my delightful day out in Brighton to discuss fonts and design for all of 5 mins, it was back to hard work. Yesterday I set about a full on fashion focus to get me back in the swing of things. I'm definitely suffering from holiday malaise, that's the trouble with being freelance you need a proper work environment to shake you out of your bubble.

Anyway I planned a day of retail research - what stock is in etc. I did a thorough rekkie of M&S which I'll report on tomorrow. Then later on I attended Elle Magazine's How to Spot a Trend event at the Barbican, again I'll do a write up over the weekend.

Given that many of you bloggers have ben highlighting or publishing photos of a little jeans trend, namely Katie Holmes and Rachel Bilson, to name a couple, wearing rolled up boyfriend jeans. Well I though I ought to give it a whirl. In the name of the street and experimnetation I braved my cycle, the overground, the tube, the crowds of Oxford Street and the watchful gaze of four fashion journos. Now I didn't have a penny/cent to go out and buy a pair so I grabbed Mr Make Do&Mend's jeans handily with a knee hole due to being worn. Bearing in mind I've mentioned a few times they are too big for him then they were a tad large for me, but when has ridicule prevented me from boldly going.... anyway I decided I would just do it.

In fact I was technically channeling the original 80s vanguard of this look - Bananarama - no sniggering Observationmode! In reality my boyfriend rolled up jeans were also bordering on harem pants, plus a tad too high waisted! They didn't have an sleekness you'd get from a fitted pair but the vibe was the same.

I paired the jeans with a See by Chloe top and a studded belt. On my feet a pair of Pierre Hardy's designer shoe for Gap. With a sense of foreboding I set forth into the fashion highway - the street. I did adopt a 'you say anything about my jeans and you're toast' attitude.

Against the sea of gladiator sandals, summer dresses, leggings, tights, shorts and short skirts teemed with check shirts - I was the only jeans crusader from Selfridges to Urban Outfitters. A brief sojourn into the London College of Fashion took me away from the crowds and a safe environment. I braved Topshop and got a willing person to take a pic of me in the fashion tourist mecca - in fact Alex Gerard (nee Curran) WAG to Steven Gerard was in with friend. I have to say the WAG look is so outdated - or was that just me being sooo fashion forward. Anyway bet you any money she'll be papped in rolled up boyfriend jeans soon.

Catching the tube to the Barbican at rush hour I did notice lots of women of all ages checking the jeans out - either in horror or wonderment, it is such a departure from skinnies. As I walked to the front of the talk, the Elle team couldn't have missed me, god only knows what they thought!

Would I wear them again - well I've broken in the look, officially! But honestly I need some proper fitting ones. The tip is to lose the exaggerated -ness of the 80s when there were no boyfriend jeans for women - just your boyfriends and get a good fitted pair. Oh and maybe wait a month or two because trail blazing ain't for wimps.

Here's the evidence (warning laughter is a probability!)


  1. Hi Kate-My personal opinion of these-THEY ROCK-TRULY! I love the fit of these on you, the high waisted look, the shoes the whole ensemble basically works a treat! I would work this pair, rather than look for another-these are perfect! You're inspiring me to look through Chris's jeans later!

  2. I'm a massive fan of the boyfriend jeans look, but as my fella is 6' 2" and I am 5' 1" thats gonna be a mighty big turn-up!

  3. Good on you, for being so brave. I think that look actually works on you too, move over Katie Holmes.

  4. I really love them! You look fantastic!


  5. It looks bloody great! I think this will be the next thing after skinnies, the roll-up and heels are def the key. please do write a report of the Elle talk...

  6. Sharon-Rose - ah thank you, yes I'm suprised you'd hadn't already nabbed a pair of Chris's jeans, will save you a trip to charity shop.

    DI - yep best not! I do still think H's were far too big and it does your rear view no favours but with a girl friendly pair it's a winner.

    Cybil & Style du Mode - your both too kind. I did feel exposed but do think it will be a great look with better fitting jeans.

    Disneyrollergirl - will get report up by Monday but not sure how useful it is to industry insider!

  7. I think you look blimin' great! HOT!

    (You are very brave doing for it early on fashion wise! Good for you!)

    (I've been thinking about wearing this look the last couple of days too, can't think of any suitable jeans to use...I'll have to have a search)

    I LOVED bananarama! :-)

  8. I continue to swear off this trend for myself, but I have to agree that it looks pretty fab on you, lady! I'm impressed. Pairing this look with a decent heel was a great idea. I think the reason why Mrs. Cruise looks so dumpy in hers is that she wears them with flats. You are clearly much wiser.

  9. You look great. What really does it for me is the shoes, then the belt. I'm contemplating how to do this myself, and I'm not sure I can do it without buying anything, which I refuse to do. I'll either paper-bag it with Mr.OM's jeans, or try it with one of two pair I already have, and hope things go well with them.

    (Thanks for the mention! xx)

  10. you look cute. i might give the look a try tomorrow. i can't steal my bf's jean as he is 6'1" so there is a problem.

  11. How fabulous are you. So sorry I couldn't meet up with.Would have loved to check out your new look!

  12. Kate, I love an industry-insider do. Even for a know-all like me! I went to the 'careers clinic' at Graduate Fashion Week which was actually for teens but I managed to sneak in to hear what advice Lorraine Candy, Henry Holland etc had for the next generation. Henry was actually quite a hoot, esp when quoting supermodels while on the sunbject of keeping up momentum because, "one minute you're in, the next you're out...[deadpans] Heidi Klum, Project Runway"

    Er, maybe you had to be there...

  13. DRG - Ha ha - no I laughed at that - am glad HH is a wit, explains the clothes! And glad it's not just me, I'd have done the careers clinic too!

    Everyone - ref positive comments. Am much delighted my efforts weren't in vain. Still think there is a crotch issue with wearing blokes jeans particulary ones that are way to big. Must say it was extremely comfy though and I did affect a skinnies are so out aura. I wore heels to balance out the largeness of the jean but reckon flats with a less volumenous pair would look good. I did laugh at myself a couple of times but hey fashion has to fun too!

  14. You look great!
    I had to do this once when my luggage was stolen on a flight to Paris and I was stuck wearing my husband's clothes for the first day (until I could buy replacements: lucky I was in Paris so it wasn't hard to shop!) I realized the baggy jean can be very flattering when worn the right way.

  15. Bring it on! At last the end of the skinny is in sight.

  16. What a cutie-pie, you 'early-adopter' you! xx

  17. I think they look pretty darn cute! I just consigned a pair of oversized mannish Earnest Sewns to the donate bag under my bed, I think I might drag them out again and see if I can make them work like this.

  18. I'm not laughing- you look wonderful!


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