Monday, 4 August 2008

I said Chanel not channel

I'm a bit lapsed at being a consistent giving. When I was salaried I had an Oxfam direct debit but as a freelancer you can't do the tax free bit its very complicated. So I have to remember to give and then submit for the tax peeps to give the tax bit depending on my income....

Normally Idon't mention charity or plug an effort as we've all got friends who do their bit which we support in our own way.

However, every Monday I go to swimming training and one guy there is swimming the channel. He's from Zimbabwe and he's doing the channel swim to raise money for people to eat. God damn it that gets to me every time. So I've put up a bag for auction on ebay to raise money for him. I thought a Chanel bag was fitting for a channel swim.

My friend who runs an ebay shop is doing it for me -Closet Encounters

and this is the link to the bag - bag link!

If you want to visit Graeme's blog about his swim (and please note this is a lot of effort and he's not poncing off to foreign lands to do it!) here's his blog link - Zimhippo and here's the charity bit

Please get people to bid!!

Thank you xx


  1. Thats great of him to do this-wishing him the very best of luck and thats nice of you to give your bag-hope it gets lots of bids!!

  2. great cause. you are doing your share of the good by donating a chanel bag. : ) good luck!

  3. That's so great of you to donate. Angelina Jolie would be proud of your charity!

  4. Good for you! I'm going to donate now. Good for you swimming too!

  5. Wow. That's very generous of you!


  6. He sounds like a really nice guy, and good for you for doing your bit to help! I'll take a look at the bag...!

    Bonne soirée,

    Mademoiselle M.

  7. Nice one, best wishes for the auction! xx

  8. It's so cute I wish I could win it, but I bet the price will climb way out of my price range but I'm watching it anyway;)

  9. I hope the auction brings a lot of bids for the cause.

  10. Ah thank you everyone - believe me I'm no AJ!
    It is the only Chanel bag I own and I didn't use it!? It really is a cute little summer number and the only reason I put it up was because peeps love some C!
    I might have thought twice if it was a 2.55....

  11. ahhhh how sweet and thoughtful of you Kate!!!!

  12. Hi there, yes it is the zimhippo that you talk about, I really don't think the bag will suit me in particular but hey i will send all my mates to the auction.

    look forward to seeing you at DL swimming

  13. Hi there

    There is now an email address on my blog, thanks for pointing that out to me.

    Look forward to seeing you at DL soon and thank you again for the chanel bag auction




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