Monday, 25 August 2008

A week in the life part

After a late and long drive on Thursday night (slightly delayed due to late picking up of samples as my client was a delight and led me astray at Selfridges champagne bar) I arrived chez parents for my work in Bristol the next day.

Friday 22nd August - technically had a lie in as I didn't get up until 8am. Skipped mater's wholesome breakfast and opted for Costa Coffee cappuccino and an apple slice instead. Met and had a good chat with my personal styling client. A lovely journalist who needed a bit of an update. We had a successful shop and I created a great look for her (I plumbed for a 70s take on this season with great success, because a) my client had a preference towards rock chic and boho and b) she had fabulous long tamed curly hair. All I did was reignite her passion and the rest was easy. Lunch was M&S vegetarian sushi with water which was pointless as I then met my sister-in-law with her six month old twins for a mocha and muffin. Truly I need to love food less and embrace my shallow VB tendencies.

After a fashion I stopped cuddling the cuties and hit the road again - this time the M5 which was mercifully OK for a bank holiday Friday and I managed to find my way to Cricket St Thomas with ease. I had hoped to set up everything for the fashion talk the next day but the hotel events person had abandoned her station. I resigned myself to dinner sans company and sat down with book in hand whilst picking my food. The make up artist was late so I went to bed at 10pm.
Cricket St Thomas, Chard, Somerset image:Warner Leisure

Sat 23rd August - Got the room ready with the help of Hazel the Wildlife park manager who was also a mind of information on the place. How firstly the family had let 'To the Manor Born' be filmed there and then Noel's House Party. It was the latter which ruined them, and led to the sale of the house and some of the grounds to Warner Leisure. The grounds were designed by Capability Brown and were delightful. The make up artist rocked up and we were all set for our talk. I'd failed to pack my mood board due to my squiffy packing on Thursday night but I happily talked unprompted with my rail of clothes about this seasons trends. The event went well including photographs for a feature in The Sun newspaper.
I packed, changed and headed off again this time to Hardwick Parks in Oxfordshire to join the Jolly Boys WAGs do. Basically a bunch of accountants being nice to their other halves providing a day and night of fun to make up for their annual golfing jaunt, except we were camping. Despite a rainy evening and night we had a jolly time snuggled up in our sleeping bags even if I did have to endure the amorous couple in the tent next door - both Mr MD&M and petit garcon fell asleep straightaway


  1. Hi there-it sounds like a very successful weekend-if your article appears in the Sun, please let me know, I'd love to buy and see it!!

  2. Ah the glamour! My closest friend is a former fashion editor turned freelance stylist (since arrival of her own petit garcon) and we were just talking yesterday about the non-glamorous travails of her job - precious little orange faced teenage soapie starlets bearing the brunt of her complaints.

  3. I always vote for the next-door couple having sex over the next-door couple fighting. Groans of pleasure are far better than expletives and flying/crashing alarm clocks, aren't they?

    I love these accounts of your days. They're fascinating, educational, and entertaining. Thanks for posting them.


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