Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I should Rocamora...(the Style Bubble talk)

Well a tenuous play on a bit of rhyming slang that emerged in London in the 1930s, oh dang I'd better explain it now. 'I should cocoa' was originally a sort of sarcastic expression of disbelief but has more nostalgic overtones now to evoke a bygone era. There is a point to this at some point so bear with me...

Getting back to the point of the post - the formidable, (never be late for her classes!) but of course wonderful London College of Fashion senior research fellow Dr Agnes Rocamora was fashion forward enough to invite Susie Bubble of Style Bubble who needs no introduction, to an evening talk to discuss her blog as part of a series of talks on Fashion and the Internet.

It was lovely to meet Susie, and the talk arranged by Agnes was a stroke of genius given the gathered throng. It was a tough call to know whether staff, students or the public were vying most for places! The last time a talk had people turned away was when Patricia Field was a guest. As a geeky MA keeno student I had the pleasure of escorting Susie to Agnes prior to the talk and enjoyed every minute of it. The trouble with blogging is we do sort of get an impression of a person by their writing style and also the visuals. Yet no computer gazing can reveal how lovely someone is far all my blogoshpere real life meets have been an absolute delight ... and Susie added to this list (no I don't keep a black book or scorecard!). I love it when you meet people without guile, who are open and honest. I hate to use the word sweet but Susie is oh so sweet.

Susie and Agnes

Gushing aside, it was a good talk and gave me food for thought ref my mere amateur blogging. The good news is the talk has been videoed and when Susie or the LCF load it up to blog or website, I will of course link it. You will all enjoy it, but you might raise a few eyebrows on some points regarding the questioning; not least the member of staff who prefixed a question with 'Can I ask a mean question.' I sat there thinking 'No please don't', which, I wish I said a loud even more so after the really stupid question was vocalised 'Do you think your blog is popular because you are good looking?' Geez this from an academic, I should cocoa!

Anyway, I was sorry I couldn't stay for drinks as had to dash to home although petit garcon was being attended to by the more than competent Mr MDS and was asleep anyway. However, upon leaving I bumped into Mr Style Bubble the lovely Steve of Style Salvage who I happily escorted to the drinks area to be with Susie who was surrounded by a gathered throng. I then skipped to the tube.

Moi and Susie (I don't know what my foot action is about!)


  1. Ooh, look at you two blogging celebrities hanging out together!

    I am not surprised to hear that Susie is a good egg, it really comes across in her writing. As for that "good looking" question, way to miss the point!

  2. And what was the answer to THE question?... Good to see you together!!!

  3. Thanks so much for escorting me to Susie. I fear I might still be wandering those maze like corridors if it wasn't for your act of kindness.

    Susie really enjoyed the talk and I can't wait to see the video! That particular staff question surprised her because she would never call herself 'good looking' even though I tell her every day...

    Thanks again, it was nice meeting you. Next time you will have to stay for drinks!

  4. That sounded so interesting. I can't wait to see the video. What was the answer to the stupid question though?

  5. Skye - yes good egg is a great expression and truly I can't stress enough how lovely Susie is.

    Aliena and Coco - the answer, gosh I think Susis handle it so well and was dismissive of being thought of as good looking, Susie was amusing about it and brushed it all aside. I can't recount exact detail as my mouth was still open at that point by the question.

    Steve - yes Susie is extremely good looking/pretty and beautiful, I didn't tell her in case she thought I was some weirdo! I thought q was silly because her blog is so all round entertaining and interesting.

  6. Some people just don't get it do they? I hope Susie's answer was "YES! Now get the feck outta here"

    I work for people who pay me to blog and web and they don't get it either!!

    That is so fabulous that Blogger Royalty gets invited to LCF. And a lady in waiting got to meet and escort her. Your day is coming Makey!

  7. Hammie - glad your back even though your trip looks/reads as brilliant!

  8. I really cannot wait to see the video.. this is as closes as I'll probably get to meeting Susie!

    x Grayburn

  9. Hi there-what a fantastic night you all had, love the photos!!

  10. How incredibly fun! I look forward to seeing the video, and booing the dolt who asked Susie if her blog is a popularity contest.

  11. So fun! I love when fab fashion bloggers meet IRL!


  12. Aw i wish i lived in London...

    xx-LJ from SOS!

  13. Bwah! Love your foot action. I always have crazy foot action going on (perhaps to distract from my face action?). One time Altamira asked me if I could just try to "stand in a feminine way."

  14. that's soo amazing! :)

    La C.

  15. I would like to be there, for sure!
    I am happy you were :)

    A KISS for you :)

  16. Oh bugger, I missed Susie's post about this until it was too late. Would love to have been there. Sounds like a brilliant talk.xx

  17. I can't wait to see the video!! Not sure I'd replied to your email re: in Kingston, no it wasn't me. My younger sister shops there though LOL...could had been her.

  18. Urgh...I look like post-talk muck in those pics.... but glad you enjoyed the talk and it was so good to finally meet you...

  19. You have all the fun! This is such a great post and I cannot wait to see the video. I'm sure Susie has some fantastic insights. I wish you'd stayed for drinks!

  20. Seems like it was an interesting talk. I also would've liked to have been there to hear Susie's views on blogging. I'll be looking out for the video though.

    "gathered thong" I was very confused when I read that until I realized it was just a typo hehe.


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