Thursday, 8 January 2009

Take 3 bags

A while ago I had a quandary on my school bag. Yes even as a mature student and studying an MA I needed a school bag and ultimately as I discovered a pencil case!

I started to use my Gucci shopper bag but it really is a shopper- perfect for bookstore or clothes shopping on a Saturday with your best sunnies on, but it didn't really work as a school bag.

I'm too posh for the LCF toilets don't ya know!

Determined to not spend any money, I then started to use a freebie bag that I found in my stylist work box stuffed full of fabrics. It was easy to bung everything in and is sturdy and worked well. But I knew it was a magazine freebie and the pattern sort of clashed with everything!

But I'm free and useful!

Then I spied my school bag. I was shopping with a client one day at the end of October and saw it in Kew. Kew is my life saving shop for ladies who are scared of change and reluctant to spend too much money - it takes all sorts on personal styling! It also is owned by Jigsaw, has a great little creative team and delivers hidden gems. I think one of the design team must be a Francophile because the pieces I always like say le rive gauche, Paris in an intellectual artisan way. At £69.00 I thought it was worth it and one of my very well bagged friends (we are talking Chanel, Anya Hindmarch only here) greatly admired it. So a week later after payday I bagged it! It has served me well and called out for a pencil case which I found in Paperchase.

Mais oui! Perfectament

The Gucci bag is happy now she only get magazines and a few bits popped in her at nice places. The freebie is full of library books to take back so she is still a useful workhorse that will be retained and my darling Parisian artisan number is just the business, it doesn't just say student it says film director - you see all good things come to those who wait.


  1. Haha, true! And I love your Gucci bag and your investment. Its perfect!

  2. Everyone has a job suited to their abilities.

  3. Having a perfect school bag for we returning students is IMPERATIVE. I'm glad you met your match at Kew!

  4. You just made me drool on my keyboard. I LOVE that bag!!!!

  5. That's a nice chic grown-up kind of bag - but I have to tell you that no bag says film director. You have to have a PA to carry your stuff for you instead!

    In fact I'm pretty sure the only bag my film director husband owns is an old army disposal green canvas thing he backpacked around Europe with aged 18.

  6. delish Kew bag my dear! it has a great retro/vintage feel to it.its gorgeous and willonly get better with age.
    muah x

  7. Not a fan of the Gucci, but the brown leather bag is just perfect! So chic!

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  9. That's one perfect school bag! I don't know about Kew but Jigsaw uses the same factory as Prada to make their bags. xx

  10. Now that bag shows that you know stuff (and are willing to learn more obviously). It doesn't just say Film Director it says Sophisticated Film Director!

  11. Hi there-the Kew bag is gorgeous, its a really classic lovely choice!

  12. ahhh absolutely loving the last bag!!! so vintage like.

  13. That's a great story and interesting look into the lives of 3 bags! The last one does spell film director!

    x Grayburn

  14. Silje - I love my Gucci shopper. I bought it on 5th Ave which wasn't the brightest fo ideas value wise but to me a Gucci shopper says NYC. Well it did all those years ago!

    WendyB - thank goodness I ditched the freebie!

    Sal - I couldn't believe how obsessed I became with getting a school bag.

    Aliena - thanks!

    Belett- c'est bon n'est pas?

    Skye - bring on the PA!

    House of Style - it does have an amazing retro feel and the leathe is gorgeous. In fact the photo makes it lighter than it really is.

    MadelineM - oh good, glad you think it is chic!

    Cozycot - I still baulk at the word ambassador, like when you were at school and going on a trip adn they impressed upon you you were an ambassador for the school - yuk!

    Topbird - ah that explains a lot because the bags in Jigsaw and Kew are really good value and look great!

    Cybill - you are so right!!

    Sharon Rose - thanks I thought so too x

    Fashion Ass - I still can't get over its vintage credentials.

    Grayburn - one of them might make the list!


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