Saturday, 24 January 2009

Rambling continued...

Yesterday I mentioned that blogging had changed my life. Which, on the face of it sounds like an epiphany of mega proportions that I'm obliged to follow it up with revealing I'm off to Eastern Congo as a missionary. But of course I'm not!

The world of blogging is a funny old thing on the one hand we have the return of Liberty London Girl and a number of exits stage left such as Je Ne Sais Quoi, a holding pad with Observationmode (possible return?) and a gone gone gone with Mrs Fashion. Blogging is still small fry in the UK compared to the USA and it is no surprise the three I mention are stateside.

Attending the talk with Susie of Style Bubble seemed a bit surreal after having read her blog for 18 months, having done a blogosphere interview with her and then to be sat there in a room with other people listening to her discussing blogging and her passion for it. Susie truly is an A+++ blogger (sorry lazy ebay speak!) and has plans for her blog. Moi, I am a mere amateur. When I started last January I did it as an outlet for my writing, the inner journalist (I was one once!) who was creative and opinionated. I didn't find my styling work demanding, as working part time with a young child limits the effort you can put in, and therefore the work you get to do.

So, I had a blogosphere chat with Mrs Fashion (all my sleuthing and cajoling didn't result in a revelation) on a couple of courses I was considering and went with my heart's desire, my MA in Fashion and Film. Since, I am nothing but always honest, I choose it thinking I was going to up my game on styling and work on films as costume designer or wardrobe supervisor - along those lines anyway; plus maybe a few published articles here and there...

Nothing prepared me for a) absolutely loving being a student again and this time a studious studying one not the social butterfly I was last time around! And b) realising that my writing and visual executions (plus my photographic memory which relates only to images, I store light and scenes in my head - I can evoke a place and a face anytime. Names, things to do - forget it! I have to take a list with me and even then I miss things off) meant I knew I wanted to create and direct films. I have a vague memory of wanting to do this before, I think that is why I went into advertising when I left university but I was too much of a sensitive soul to stay. I can't watch Mad Men as it reminds me too much of my bastard creative director! I learnt photography and film techniques and copy writing but it wasn't enough to keep me hooked into the world I was desperate to leave.

It took me years even to step foot in Soho Square again and I did it by accident in last November as I walked from Central St Martins in Charing Cross to LCF at John Princes St off Oxford Street. It was weird walking there and now I'm ready for the industry - mainly because my confidence now controls my humility and I'm no longer in awe. You see I told you this was a ramble. It is just weird when you realise what you want to do and as a realist, I know I might just spend the rest of my life scrabbling money together to only make hi res video shorts, but at least I'll be doing what I want.

Styling, fashion stuff all seems a dim distant memory. It's dreadful but I'm just going through the motions regarding styling work at the moment, I feel a teeny tiny bit guilty and I need to fess up soon to my contractual work. I still absolutely love the fashion industry and fashion itself but I've taken a step out and feel like I'm peeking in at it. None of this would have happened if I hadn't started my own blog, it is like a stream of consciousness for me and I admire the focus of other blogs who have a defined remit and deliver against that because I've become such a rambler!!

My question is to you the blogosphere (truly it is the new answer to clairvoyance and consulting ones horoscope) do I continue to execute posts per se as I've been doing? Or do I really up the ante on make do style stuff - more recessionista (yukky word)? Or shall I raise my Fashion and Film blog to the fore and be an informative soul? What do you like to read and why?

If I was a rich girl I wouldn't be using my computer to post a blog, I'd be online buying these!

sunglasses Oliver Peoples at Net-A-Porter

leather ballet flats Lanvin at Net-A-Porter

dress APC at Net-A-Porter

bag Anya Hindmarch at yep Net-A-Porter

Exactly I'm a shallow wannabe film director!


  1. I think it's all about what you want to write. What just spills out of you without further ado - what do you like reading about yourself? Those are the questions I ask myself, and the answer is reflected in my blogging.

  2. Hi there-Why not carry on with both blogs, but with the Film and Fashion one as your main baby? I enjoy blogging too, but my 2 blogs need to be separate to function better. Could your blogs take an amalgamation? Now you are truly enjoying life as a student, maybe focus your energies and love more into the Fashion & Film blog. Well, just my thoughts, good luck with how you move on!! Don't disappear though, you're one of my faves!!

  3. Mmm i think you should do what you feel like doing... mind you, I love this blog just as it is!!!

  4. whatever inspires you... I sometimes feel I prefer fashion to politics, but my fashion blog has 20 posts and my politics one has 100 and something.

  5. I always love reading your posts and I know you h ave loads and loads of great make do tips too so why don't you introduce a Make Do post once a week, so it doesn't take away what you have, just adds to it :)

  6. All the bloggers you mentioned ARE A++++! As is that purple patent bag!


  7. Great post. Blogging really is a life-changing experience. No matter how bizarre and OTT it sounds! I think you have to follow your inner voice. But if you are asking me which topic I prefer, my heart is with the fashion. Having said this, my own blog is veering occasionally into "design", not just fashion. And I cannot stop myself from torturing everyone with meaningless stories about my day. So don't listen to me :-)

  8. Well, lots of good advice on here. My advice is to go with your instinct but if you don't know what that is (and if you did, you wouldn't be asking us) then carry on as you are. I really like the blog as is but then I'm someone who doesn't like change. PS, I wish I'd known you were going to Ms Bubble's talk, we could've sat together!

  9. Doesn't it make the most sense to write about what you care about at the moment? Why would you force yourself to write about things that don't interest you that much...when you're not getting paid for it? Express your true self!

  10. don't go
    i'd be sad without you
    yes blogging does change your life, I've learned so much about the fashion world through doing this, it's like taking a crash course!
    btw, i love the all the items you selected.

  11. I must day I agree with WendyB.
    Let this blog be for what you want to write about at the moment, without being confined to certain issues.
    That's my humble opinion.

    Have a nice wkend


  12. I am glad you started a blog, your writing is fabulous. I always feel like I am reading a magazine, but one that is more personal. I guess that is really what a blog is, but yours is a little different.

    This comment probably makes no sense at all. Sorry for that ha ha.

  13. susie from style bubble is a great blogger. many sites quote her. she is a great inspiration.

  14. I love your blog too! Style bubble is amazing :)

  15. I wonder if you'd be happy doing a bit of both? With emphasis on what you love best? I wonder also if you'd be happy folding both blogs into one?

    At any rate, if you want my unvarnished opinion, I think you should go in the direction you love. The passion you show for film seems to outweigh the passion you have for fashion, so why not do what you love? Your readers will stick with you, and maybe you'll be happier.

    I'm thrilled to hear that you've found something you love. Not everyone is so lucky, and you're in the extremely fortunate position of being able to pursue what you love.

  16. I think the best blogs are one where the author conducts them exactly how they wish, on whims and ramblings!

    I love how Susie is so fashion informative (would have loved to go to her talk) but like to read other types that are more personal and unstructured.

    So just do whatever you feel!

  17. Just promise that we'll get to see the petit garcon on a regular basis.

  18. Ahh, the dilemma!

    I'm late to the party on this one, I'm afraid, but agree with the others who say that you must post about what you feel strongly about.

    There are so many different types of blogs out there ... it just goes to show that it doesn't matter if you blog about the extremely personal to the extremely abstract, you'll always attract like-minded people. xx

  19. I love your blog, so I hope you decide to carry on. However, i truly believe in doing what makes you happy. Follow your heart & the answer will come to you!

  20. I am not a fan of blogging with only one topic, too f'n hard to maintain. I usually come to a blog because of a topic and then I either connect with the person or not and it is much more about the person than the topic. What I am trying to say is that I am more interested in hearing what you are interested than you figuring out what we are interested in. I think a part of blogger burn out comes from staying only on one topic. Write about plumbing, plums, or pandas and I will be here. Hmm... I seem to be obsessed with "p" word( except pandering, Palin and plagues);-)

  21. stunning ending! i'm a recent reader, but i love your posts as is, you seem to write about that which you really care about.

  22. Hi, Whatever you do, you do it very well! I'm guessing you want to know a direction to go in so you can give it your 110%....I don't have an answer, I like both blogs and all elements of your writing...maybe if it ain't broke.....xxxx


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