Saturday, 3 January 2009

Out of outfits

Mmmm well I'm need of a few garments that of course I can't buy! A girdle, a spare one and a corset would do. Honestly so porked out am I that on New Year's Eve and the following day I could only wear one pair of trousers because they didn't hurt as much as everything else and are my only black pair. I have a number of LBDs that would have worked but given we were only going to a friends house and had the petit garcon in tow I wasn't going all out on an outfit. You'll have to excuse all the lumps but I give you my best t-shirt!

It says Maverick on the back and also you can't tell from the quality of the photo but the red stripes are metallic and shiny. Equally I'm channeling Tom Cruise in his pre unveiling of recent new worked out body. Let's keep this one as a before reminder so in a few months time I can do a post that unveils a lesser roll of fat tummy.

This is why I need to go to the gym all that damn champagne that I love.

So, the next day whilst I wanted to don sweat pants, warm socks and a comfy top, I made the effort to pull together an outfit that said New Years Day at home but didn't reflect a Britney Spears bad day in track pants. Although, I've merely scraped my hair back into a ballet bun, (I added ballet to make it sound better!) dispensed with make up of any description and feigned what I intended to be a faraway gaze but actually turned out to be a smirk as Mr MDS took photo without warning. Oh look the fat pants are still working their magic!

Gap cashmere light grey t-shirt

Zara long boyf cardi

Gap black 7/8th trousers

LK Bennett black quilted ballet pumps (bought in summer sale)

Oasis tassel necklace

PS - I gave in after one hour and donned tshirt and sweat pants, which meant I could wear fat pants and rest of outfit again yesterday for a sojurn to Bristol. I wore a different necklace, black fishnet 'pop' socks with the ballet flats and my leopard print coat plus rayban aviators and make up! My friend commented I looked glam and petit garcon mentioned my stomach in public - look wobbly tummy were his words. Thankfully Madonna's trainer was interviewed in today's Guardian , no worries just 1 hour of exercise 6 times a week FOREVER!


  1. Hi there-I hope these pictures are a sign of many more to come, I love to see your outfit posts! I love your long Zara cardi, cosy and cute!

  2. You are so gorgeous and way too hard on yourself (bloody funny though)!

  3. You look gorgeous! I mean, I'm all for exercise and taking it back from the edge, but seriously, you are completely lovely - and stylishly dressed - just as you are. So don't stress at all!

  4. darling you look lovely! love that cardigan on you,your a total hottie! :o)
    hope your having a good wknd.

  5. You look great - just ignore the petit garcon (the little dude likes to call me "BIG FAT MUM!!!!" in public places), I'd love to have seen the Bristol version of the outfit.

    I keep meaning to get my husband a Top Gun t-shirt. Some fool once called him a "maverick" in an interview article and I'm still teasing him about it...

  6. Sharon Rose - I do intend to post as many of my creations as poss!

    Cybill - well I've decided on a fight or flight approach fight it is in sweatpants of course!

    K-line - you are kind. I refuse to do the belly shot as it is an expanse of tyre and hips to hang onto. I'm cool about it but it has to go. It's what comes of eating regular meals!

    The House of Style - too kind coming from the lady who makes M&S trousers look hot! Hope your fluey thing passes quickly.

    Skye - kids hey! You can't go wrong with a Top Gun tee!

  7. Happy New Year! I hope it wasn't Roly's fudge that made all your pants uncomfy!! You look fabulous and you're braver than me putting up fresh faced, no make-up pics.

  8. Oh lord! Out of the mouths of babes. Some friend's kid once told me I was wearing too much lipstick.

  9. Oh! I have that very cargigan from Xara!!! It's one of my favpurite pieces in my wardrobe just now!!! The t-shirt is fantastic too!!!

  10. You are so chic! I love, love your style!

  11. Oh dear, you know kids, don't be too hard on yourself, you look lovely.
    I also hope this is some kind of start for us to see more pictures of you. You're so beautiful.

    Happy 2009!!!


  12. Woo hooo for Top Gun!

    Happy new year, darling!


  13. I'm liking my extra rolls and bingo wings...I might hate them come fashion week though...

  14. Don't be silly, you look lovely!!! If the worst comes to the worst, What Katie Did have some lovely corsets and girdles!

  15. You look fab, lady. Even with the wobbly belly. I, on the other hand, look like I ate a beached whale.

  16. Great post! Love the Zara cardigan. I am sure we (at least me!) all are thinking about hitting the gym after the holidays. The champagne was good though...

  17. Oy. Next time he does that, just say, "Lemme see YO faaaaat," and blow a raspberry on his tummy. I have tried and tested this method personally, and can attest to its effectiveness as a diversion.

    As for YOU, you'd be a knockout in a burlap sack and you know it. I adore your Top Gun/maverick shirt and sultry red lips!

  18. Ahhh, but you look so pretty! Red lipstick and blonde hair pretty much over-rides any hint of tummy wobbles.

    I'm currently going through chronic sugar withdrawal after loafing around on the couch eating an entire tin of Quality Street on my own.

  19. You are gorgeous and need not change a thing. Enjoy your champagne in good health, I think it is part of your chicness.


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