Tuesday, 13 January 2009

What a find!

I had actually become a thrifting and secondhand sceptic until a) I interviewed Susie Bubble of Style Bubble for views and tips and b) started to read Sharon Rose Vintage blog. Both inspired me to think again. Then, the other day I was looking through a Couture Carrie post and spied a print that reminder me of a post by Sharon Rose in the summer, nautical always sticks in my mind. So, if you have any doubts about the creativity of thrifting or the finds you can snag then I present you a dress from Stella McCartney's forthcoming S/S 09 collection and something Sharon Rose found earlier!

image from Couture Carrie vai Net-a-Porter

image from Sharon Rose Vintage, Fashion, Me


  1. Hi there-thanks for the shout out my dear!! Nautical is such a great trend, I'll definitely be rocking it a few different ways this summer!

  2. I'm not a big thrifter myself really, I kind of wish I was more into it but I never find anything good.
    Prehaps I should try to do more secondhand shopping in 09 seeing as it's a credit crunch and all.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, darling! Love this nautical print - especially on Stella's shoes!!


  4. Don't even start with me about Sharon! I'm jealous of that beyotch's amazing finds ;-)

  5. Sharon always get the best deals! I love thrifing myself, its such a good way to get indivdual pieces.

  6. Both prints are beautiful.

  7. love the prints! love your image up top!

  8. Love the sailboat dress and the skirt. Thrifting requires much patience and caffeine--do NOT attempt while having a low blood sugar moment.

    I've found some of the most amazing printed and/or wool skirts while thrifting. I usually find myself holding something up and saying, "Hmm...is this ugly or very cool?" Sometimes I misjudge (read:child's yellow and white frilly blouse that looks like crumpled napkins), but my mistakes are at least inexpensive and funny.

    I like your earmuffs below, too!

  9. I don't know how she does it, but Sharon indeed is a great thrifter!!!!


  10. Hi,

    Oh! Great choices and post! Haha! I love nautica printted and I have similar Dolce & Gabbana skirt.... Muhhahaha! Sharon Rose and CC blogger are very fashionable girls. J'adore.

    Have a great day, xoxo: Janet

  11. I don't know ... I'll leave thrifting to the young and energetic (and applaud from the sidelines). I love it in theory, but I never really have much luck (or patience) in reality. I remember finding some great stuff at markets and op-shops in Sydney when I was a young 20-something, though!

    Gorgeous sailing boat print - what a find by Sharon Rose.



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