Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Oh my!

Strutting around London this morning were a bunch of guys not to shy to put their smalls on display. Granted they were wearing Paul Smith and not Tesco so that might have had something to do with it; plus they were suitably attired with bowler hat and accessorised with a newspaper.

Now this bunch are not as rockin' as Kanye's posse as posted by Jac&Jil and referenced by DisneyRollerGirl and Style Salvage
But for the discerning chap, he can now watch Soccer AM/Match of the Day/Sky Sports and The Heineken Cup and still shop - truly multi tasking is now an opportunity for men thanks to the launch of My-Wardrobe's Menswear

my-wardobe.com Menswear, Paul Smith boxers, Falke Socks and a £1000 comp is on offer too for both you and him!

I got sent these as my-wardrobe advertise on my site. I very much like the business as it has taken them years to build up against fierce competition. I'm really pleased Sarah Cullen has made such a success and it is nice to have a good news story in the midst of a recesion.


  1. Great promo! Those boys must have been pretty damn cold though.

  2. Hi there-Yes, I don't envy them parading around in their pants in the heart of winter. A good advertising campaign!

  3. I agree, the people at Mywardrobe are so nice too. I hope it's a success.

  4. Seriously?? How funny is that! :P
    A bit cold today though...:P


  5. These pics are fabulous! Made me smile :)


  6. brrr, but i'm all for boys hanging round town in their underwear.

  7. Clever promo. I just checked my inbox and I've got some cute pics, too! xx

  8. Love it. jealous that you get to wander around London--my favorite city in the world!

  9. A couple of years ago, Paul Smith put in a store in the nearby mall, and they sent small brigades of guys around the mall in suits and bowlers. They walked single file, all over the mall, attracting attention, then lined up in front of the store, where they stood, stock-still, much like the guards outside Buckingham Palace. It was superb.


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