Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Resolution update!

If you need a reminder of my resolutions then the edited edited version is:

1.No clothes, shoes, accessories for a year
2.Lose 13 pounds
3.Observe Lent
4.Be nicer to Mr MDS
5. Tend to the home (i.e. decorate)
6.Make a film
and finally ...7. no swearing e.g. the F word.

So far so good as they say. I haven't used the F word once which is an ******* miracle. I was joined in this one by a friend who expanded on the uses of crikey to crikey moses for difficult moments. This amused me a lot so has made it easier and actually I noticed when I said 'bloody' the other day which I wouldn't have given a fig about before.

On number 4, I'm doing quite well only a few mutterings under the breadth. Progress indeed. We'll see how this bears up given I'd gotten in to bad habits of late due to pressure of MA and work and home etc. But there is something to be said for being chirpier rather than snapping.

5 is work in progress, all on paper at the moment but such thought will result in action at some point. Number 4 is time bound so far I know it starts on Wednesday 25th of February so plenty of time before this is undertaken. The film project will gather momentum over the next few weeks as I have to submit my outline for my final MA project. I've written the short although need to hone the dialogue.

And on number one well I've done good. It has been helped by a day of being at home writing an essay so I give you my Monday at the BFI library look. It was absolutely freezing so what you can't see is my thermal vest!

Shirt H&M (Dec 2008 purchase), woolly leggings H&M (Oct 2008), Pringle knee length socks ( TK Maxx 2004), black cotton long t-shirt (M&S 2005), Gap biker boots (Nov 2008) necklace (Topshop 2005)


  1. Wow. I really thought you'd written "Monday at the FBI library" before I re-read. And I thought, "What the hell is Kate doing at the FBI library? Maybe kicking some ass in her awesome biker boots ..."

  2. I think it might be dangerous to stop swearing. What if the swears get all bottled up and you explode?

  3. Hi there-I had those pringle socks too, but they were too tight around my calves!! Love the layered look my dear!

  4. Sal - lol, although I do have an FBI cap from the New York office a present from an agent!!

    WendyB - I thought so too because I've been prolific at it but it seems not (currently).

    Sharon Rose - oh my the look was my answer to the cold. I didn't want to wear jeans and just as well as it was freezing out (tehnically it was -1 and got up to 1), I could have doen with thermal socks and gloves. Here's hoping for warmer weather!

  5. Good work on the resolutions!

    The no swearing is hard, we cut ours right back ages ago due to the little pitchers/big ears situation. Luckily we have many bizarre aussie substitute works to use, although not "crikey".

  6. I think you are doing very well!!!

  7. Love this update, and the outfit!


    P.S. You don't need to lose weight, so don't obsess!

  8. Kate you'll manage to achieve all of the above but number 7 leaves me feeling a touch sketchy!


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