Saturday, 10 January 2009

These are a few of my favourite things...

The lovely Grayburn has been terribly organised and sliced and diced fellow bloggers in a mammoth favourite things post for today!

As much as I wanted to be clever and link things with Maria's song from the Sound of Music I could envisage a few eye rolls upwards so I've refrained from such absurdity.

However, blue satin ribbons do make an appearance as I cite John Lewis's haberdashery department for their ribbons and dyes under the category My favourite useful place. In fact John Lewis is very useful all round but I can't recommend their women's wear section much.

Although my Favourite best value High Street shop has much to recommend itself. Without fail it delivers useful and often well designed items to use a lot! I never regret an H&M purchase.

Which brings me onto my Favourite Purchase of 2008. My Marc Jacob shoes. Most importantly they were lusted after for months and I hung on until the Matches sale and got them for a snip. Unbelievably I've yet to wear them!

This brings me to my Favourite Designer of 2008 and my answer surprised even me because if there was one item I could have bought it would have been from Prada. I do think that Miuccia was the most influential designer with polo necks and lace. This look translated and dominated the high street above everything else. I thanked H&M for their skinny polos which I bought in grey and black plus John Lewis for their lace material which I used to put over my ballet bun. I didn't go for any of the high street offerings as nothing short of this would do!

I could go on for ever but this is just a flavour as you've got many others to view. Okay if pressed my favourite book was Alicia Drake's The Beautiful Fall, ,CD The Sterophonics Decade in the Sun and my film ...well it goes to SATC the movie of course, for all the hype, fun and entertainment. Was it a good film, probably not but it was such fun, but SJP word of advice step away now, no SATC 2, it will be wrong! But most of all my ALL TIME Favourite thing of 2008 is all you lot, your brilliant blogs that I read, acknowledge and comment on - thank you for making the effort it makes me smile, snort (sometimes) and think - a lot!

PS. Couldn't resist Favourite present of 2008 is a tie at the top with two lovely presents from Mr MDS, a necklace from Paul Smith (below) and a t-shirt from Agnes B (also below).


  1. Lovely post... I really like that pendant! About the Cd, is a Spanish band that has just changed lead singer (for the better, in my opinion) they are called "La oreja de Van Gogh" (van Gogh's Ear) and this cd is called "A las cinco en el Astoria" (meet you at the Astoria at 5 pm)... I realy like it!

  2. How timely. I wish we had H&M in AU. I feel so left out I tell you.

  3. Hi there-ooh I loved this post! It should serve you as a reminder of your lovely loot while you're on your no spend ban this year!! I find a lot of lovely H&M pieces in the charity shop, I rate them too!

  4. lovely post,loved that prada collection too!very pretty pendant too,
    muah x

  5. The necklace is indeed a lovely gift!

    Have a nice week-end! :)


  6. Great post, dear, the necklace is so amazing and great things to talk about.


  7. I have been singing that all day long now so no eye rolls upwards from me! I'm gonna need to see those amazing shoes up close and on feet..I bet they look gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for sharing your list with all of us and have a great weekend!

    x Grayburn

  8. I love that Prada lace - fun post!


  9. That t-shirt is perfect for you!

    I wanted that Prada lace, too, and I only wear a dress about once a year. I'd get mine and let it languish all year long, on display. If only.

  10. Great post
    and good reflective on 2008
    love your marc jacobs heels!

  11. What a fantastic list of favourites! Those Marc Jacob shoes you have are fab! When you wear them, you must take a photo and show them off to all of us.

    Had so much fun participating in the faovirtes this year and am having even more fun reading everyone else's lists!

    Have a fantastic new year!


  12. Wear the shoes, for the love of god!

  13. Sister Wolf - I will when I get the chance to - I lead a dull life at the mo!

  14. Great fun perusing your list (and the photos of the trees above are great too!).
    I LOVE your Paul Smith necklace! Should get myself an exact same one.

  15. Oh my God, those shoes are fabulous!!! Unbelievable. Thanks for the list, everything looks splendid. Great taste!


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