Friday, 16 January 2009


Far be it for me to be a gossip but in the absence of any other gems, I thought a bit of inside fashion industry tales wouldn't go a miss.

Now, which well heeled business woman drops her six year old off with the receptionist without a by your leave, yes not even a smile. The reward for the obliging receptionist 'give me your head thing now or I'll get my mummy to fire you.'

A rather seasoned campaigner for your money to feed the world has a habit of popping into a well known British bag emporium and taking them for free, no doubt so many girls in his life to take orders from.


  1. Not sure of the first one but the second one is that stinking Sir Bob and those bags would be for his ratty crack head daughters.

    K - NEVER!!!!! Your choice of VW, puts you well ahead of the fash miiiiiles.

  2. Tamara? Is her daughter about that age?

  3. No idea...but really want to know!

    x Grayburn

  4. Hehe-I love these drips of gossip!!

  5. Perfect friday gossipy bits, thanks!

  6. I couldn't begin to guess!

  7. LOL funny, I've no idea...


  8. Hmm, the first does sound like Tamara (have heard she's a funny one) and the second is obv Sir Bob but...which bag shop is it?

  9. you mean he doesn't shop at oxfam fair trade ?:~
    Here's me trying to carry my laptop in a woven by pygmies yoke on my head and he's popping in to LV?


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