Thursday, 29 January 2009

Fab blog award

When the lovely Sharon Rose of Sharon Rose-Vintage Fashion, Me gave me this award the other day I decided to run it asap; as of late I've been completely remiss on this sort of thing and it is such a good way of showing support to every ones blogging efforts. I have to nominate ten bloggers and I'm loathed to pick just ten but here goes, ones that Sharon didn't get to first - oh and those of you who haven't got the will or time to carry it on don't worry just have a head swell mo instead!
1. Delicious Industries - this blog provides me with lots of amazing design images and inspiration every day!
2. Disneyrollergirl - I love reading a different perspective on fashion and garments and this blog delivers great quotes of the day.
3. CocosTeaParty - fab images and so well presented, mind you I'd go and look everyday just for the banner!
4. Dressed&Pressed- how I laugh when Denrele's being funny and I never want to be on the receiving end of a dressed and pressed rant - they are the best!
5. Mahalo Fashion - I don't know how Jen does the wonderful realms of images. It is always a visual feast.
6. Tales near the Runway - by rights I shouldn't give an award to someone who can only post occasionally (for very good reasons) because if you get hooked to this blog like me it is a bad habit just waiting and waiting... but worth it!
7. Style Salvage -I've dipped into this blog on and off but of late it has become my second favourite insight on menswear after David Mills in Style magazine (gosh hope Steve doesn't think that's an insult!).
8. The Fashion Assistant and her camera - Kit is so talented and hard working, it is a joy to see a such young female talent.
9. Wee Birdy - Stylish, cute and that's just the blog!
10. Goddamit I'm Mad - Ah Sister Wolf, never a dull moment and always a surprise thought and angle what's not to like.


  1. Hi there-I've just noticed how the blog award so suits your header, they look fab together!

  2. Good morning!!
    My goodness I think I'm going to cry, thanks for the blog award Kate, really appreciated!!

    Although I won't be posting on TFA&HC much but keep coming back on Style Slicker...cos there'll be some interesting photos coming up soon (collaboration projects)....stay tuned!!!


    P.s at the moment I'm stressed

  3. Cheers Lovely!!! I am over the moon - esp, as you say I am not the most reliable of bloggers!

  4. congratulations!!! yours is a really FAB blog, so you deserve it!!!

  5. I'm lost for words, thank you... thank you so much... I'd like to thank, my agent, everyone who reads my blog, my lovely friends and boyfriend for their support and of course my parents because without them I wouldn't be here today getting this award! :) :)

    Seriously - thanks Kate!

  6. darling congrats honey! so deserved and you could not have passed it on to better blogs/bloggers.
    hope your well. have a good day dear x

  7. Congratulations to you and all the winners!

  8. Congratulations on the award.


  9. Ahhh, congrats on your award! And - wow - thanks giving me the nod, too! I'm ultra-chuffed to be included in such a fab line-up of worthy blogs. xx

  10. Aw thanks Kate, I love your work too :)

  11. Thank you for the award and the kind words.

  12. Congrats to you. Gosh, I don't read any of your awardees. I need more time in the day to read more blogs.


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