Thursday, 8 January 2009

Today I found out...

...Body Jam is not for me! Well I'm sure it would be if I knew the basic moves but to enter a class a complete aerobics virgin was not a wise move. I confess I left after 10 minutes as I was in danger of an explosive expletive of the banned variety. Geez I need to do a course in how to follow flying people without just standing there with mouth open. Hence, I returned to the safety of the cardio area and cycled my annoyance off in pursuit of poundage loss.

PS thank you for kind words of not stressing about pounds. I'm not but I really do need to lose the flab for health reasons, I want to stress I'm not being a thin-ist, I still eat cake and carbs honest. I know it will only come off with exercise and a few modifications on the eating front.


  1. I would've been the same way. I prefer to sweat privately, and am frightened by any exercise that resembles dancing.

  2. Oh I would have been right with you in the confused mouth-open corner.

    Your get-fit efforts are most impressive. Go you. I'm still confined to the sofa. xx

  3. Body Jam does sound quite scary! I'm embarking on my first ever spin class on Saturday and I'm dreading it. But at least everyone will be sat on a bike pedaling, so at least that bit should be easy to follow!

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  5. ^^^^^
    Oops - that was me - I got a bit impatient with my computer and double posted!!

  6. I can't do aerobics at all - well I can, but I have to spend all my energy on just getting the steps and moves right, and then don't get much of a workout.

    Run, run, run!


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